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August 2019 Business Meeting Minutes

Start time: 7:05pm End time: 7:36pm

Old Business

Meeting Schedule – Confirmed for Fall 2019 Semester in Fisher Fine Arts Library (Lower Level) Seminar B starting at 7pm – September 17th, October 15th, November 26th, and December 17th.

Fall Workshop Schedule:

Scriptorium – 2nd and 4th Monday Nights in Fisher Fine Arts Library (Lower Level) Seminar B from 6pm-8pm.

Craft & Chat – 3rd Sundays of the month from 1pm-4pm in Meyerson Conference Room on the 2nd Floor of Van Pelt Library.

UPenn Fall Student Activites Fair Demo – Livia received confirmation of our registration. Literature is being printed. A business card alternative draft was declined. Any and all additional people are asked to come help between 4:30pm and 5pm for set-up and/or to staff the table from 5pm-8pm. Martyn will be there, Livia can help with set-up, and Bruni can help staff the beginning part of the demo.

Gold Key (loaner garb/clothing) – 90% of Gold Key is temporarily housed at Livia’s home. Items were lent out for Pennsic to eight (8) different people. Two (2) of the items returned seemed to have reached the end of their useful life as parts of Gold Key and may need to be retired. Gold Key has been sorted to see what needs mending. One (1) item has been mended. The collection overall has had a mild weeding. A sewing machine was also loaned out to a member. Maryna posted some photos of herself wearing Gold Key, which have also been shared on social media.

Philly OutFest Demo – Sunday, October 13th, 2019. Cost will be $150 as a 501(c)3 organization, and there is an additional $25 deposit for the table and chair that are given to us for the day. The registration fee also gets us a 10’x10′ space. The event is open from 12 noon until 7pm. Initial set-up will happen between 8a-9a before vehicle access is restricted, but can be completed any time before 1pm. We have the month of September to craft enough literature and items for fundraising and/or distribution prior to the demo. There were concerns expressed that it may be better to wait until 2020 to do this demo, unless adequate staff and supplies can be created in the window of preparation time we have. The Officers will continue to discuss and keep each other updated and make a final decision soon.

Bailiwick Bylaws and Policies – Martyn has requested to table this item until the September or October Business Meeting, pending the final decision in the preceding section regarding the OutFest Demo. The request to table was acceptable to those in attendance.

Thélème at Penn Returns – Bruni will be serving as Autocrat. There is a stub event announcement on the East Kingdom Calendar for Saturday, March 14th, 2020. We have a Kislak employee (personal information redacted), who will propose a class and a $250.00 honorarium was approved. We still need to negotiated that the same employee also be able to monitor the Rare Book “Petting Zoo” for the event. Maryna will serve as Class Coordinator.

New Business


Officer Reports

Seneschal – My 2nd Quarter Report was filed with the Southern Region Seneschal. I have named Mistress Philadelphia as my Emergency Deputy, a required position within the Seneschalate. Many thanks to MIstress Philadelphia for her continued willingness to serve the Bailiwick, and extra thanks to her for running this evening’s meeting in my absence.

Exchequer – My Quarterly Report was turned in on July 22nd, before Pennsic. It has also now since been brought to the attention of the “Western Region” Exchequer.

Ivy Pursuivant (Herald) – Stuff happened, people have wanted consultation help. My Quarterly Report is not due in September, but will now be due in November.

Minister of Arts & Sciences – The Kingdom MoAS has announced that reporting might be reduced to biannual. Reports will happen when the should. The scheduled activities mentioned above are scheduled and on the Calendar. We are excited!

Chatelaine – Please see Old Business/Gold Key for an update on that project. We are prepping for the Fall Student Activities Fair and OutFest Demos. We are a recognized student group at the University of Pennsylvania for the 2019-2020 school year.

Chamberlain – Gold Key, as previously mentioned, is heading to Livia’s house temporarily.

Webminister – If any Officer still needs a wordpress login, please email otherwise, everything seems to be going well.

June 2019 Business Meeting Minutes

Start time: 7:20pm End time: 8:10pm

Old Business

Meeting Schedule – July 16th meeting is tentatively cancelled, barring any unforeseen circumstances. Our Fall 2019 Semester business meetings will all be held in Seminar B in the Fisher Fine Arts Library, starting at 7pm on the following Tuesdays: August 27th, September 17th, October 15th, November 26th, and December 17th.

Winter Nights South – Caer Adamant will be expanding the timeframe of their event to include Winter Nights at their Bardic Banshee event on Saturday, October 23rd. Please come out to support the event! Everyone was very thankful the Bailiwick was willing to step in to host the event, and very happy with the outcome.

Fall Workshops – Scriptorium and Craft & Chat dates have been posted to the Bailiwick calendar. Scriptorium will now take place on Monday evenings. Please join us!

UPenn Student Activity Day Demo – Livia has completed the first draft of our handout with calendar of events and activities. We have a Craft & Chat scheduled between Pennsic and the Demo so we can work on crafting things to distribute to prospective student-members. Registration for student groups happens on August 15th, and will be managed by Livia. We will be registering under a more appropriate group category this year, as “cultural organization” did not place us in an area with comparable activities.

Gold Key – One-third (1/3) of Gold Key has been moved to Livia’s house. Livia is planning to make a database available on the Bailiwick website of what Gold Key is available for loan. A compatible, useful WordPress Plug-in has also been found to host a gallery on the Bailiwick website. There is a possibility we will be follow a concept from Settmour Swamp of sorting outfits into reusable/sealing bags that are labeled with the contents of the bag. This will help with Gold Key organization, database accuracy, and ease of selecting appropriate garb by newcomers.

Philly OutFest Demo – Martyn has been in contact with some of the organizers of the event, who were still recovering from hosting Philly Pride Festival. The event starts at 12 noon and runs until 7pm on Sunday, October 13th, 2019. Set-up starts between 8am-9am, with cars needing to be removed well before the noon start time. Martyn will loan the Bailiwick a pop-up to provide shade and hanging display space. Three (3) volunteers have already reached out to Martyn about staffing the table during the day, and initial details have been shared with the Barony. We are awaiting to find out if a deposit will be required or a fee will be required, and if so, how much that deposit and/or fee will cost. A maximum of $200.00 was authorized by those present to be spent on behalf of the Bailiwick to secure a space, if necessary. Martyn will announce information via the Bailiwick email list and social media outlets once it is available.

Thélème at Penn – Bruni has volunteered to serve as the Autocrat / Event Steward for the event. We have a tentaive date scheduled with Kislak: March 14th, 2020. Maryna will be the Class Coordinator. Livia will be the Site Liaison and has secured one room as part of the initial request. A formal proposal is being prepared to be sent to Kislak staff so that we can secure additional space there (Kislak is located on the sixth (6th) floor of the Van Pelt Library on Penn’s campus – those present at the meeting had the opportunity to tour the space following the meeting). Beyond the fantastic presentation space, there are three (3) classrooms, which can be divided into smaller/larger spaces as needed, as well as a computer lab. There is also a large seating area which was used for poster displace during the previous Thélème. The event will be a free event, in modern clothing, open to and advertised to the public (especially the Penn community), and accept free-will donations.

New Business

Bead Making Workshop – In lieu of a formal bead-making workshop, efforts will be made to have time where those wishing to bring their glass bead kits to work together in the same space can do so, with a probable focus on creating beads for the OutFest Demo.

Service Schola – Mael Eoin and Ysmay have indicated an interest in hosting a Service Schola. Maryna has suggested that they reach out to Livia to see if a space at Penn would work to host their event.

Bailiwick Bylaws & Policies – Martyn will be discussing with individual Officers over the summer months to get completed, necessary Policies (e.g. Financial Policy) to propose at a meeting after a proper announcement. A rough draft of proposed new Bylaws will be distributed electronically this week to the officers and on the email list. Commentary is requested and encouraged, and can be emailed to the Seneschal. A more finalized draft for discussion at the August Business Meeting will be distributed the week following Pennsic, and hopefully we will see passage at the September Business Meeting. There was discussion about the rough draft at tonight’s meeting. There was significant support for changing initial Officer Terms to four (4) years, with optional two (2) year renewals.

Officer Reports

Seneschal – The Barony has a new Seneschal: THL Alesia de Maris. The final information has been sent to the Kingdom Chatelaine to complete Livia’s rostering; this was after I received an additional follow-up from the Kingdom Chatelaine requesting information, beyond their initial request. My quarterly report is due next month.

Chancellor of the Exchequer – No changes. My quarterly report is due next month.

Ivy Pursuivant (Herald) – I submitted my quarterly report today, ahead of the deadline at the end of this month. I have been helping several people with their submission paperwork.

Minister of Arts & Sciences – We now have a schedule for upcoming workshops and thanks to Livia we have the site secured for Thélème. My report was submitted before the June 1st deadline, there is now a simplified, web form that is very short and easy to use.

Chatelaine – Some loaner garb has been temporarily relocated. New advertisements for students has been drafted. I gave a flyer to a staff member at UPenn.

Chamberlain – No report this month.

Webminister – A number of updates and changes have been made to A number of updates and changes have been made to the Bailiwick’s website. Meeting Minutes and Announcements will now appear under a page entitled “The Rusted Post” which was the name of the Bailiwick’s previous newsletter. This will just be the Meeting Minutes and Announcements that separately appeared on the home page, there are not current plans to have a Chronicler create a Newsletter. If anyone is interested in taking on that responsibility, please contact the Seneschal. The Chatelaine email has been reassigned successfully, with apologies to Livia for the delay.

May 2019 Business Meeting Minutes

Start time: 7:15 End time: 7:55

Old Business

Review of Meeting Schedule – Now on the Bailiwick calendar: June 18th (7pm Meyerson), July 16th (7pm Meyerson – intend to cancel), August 27th (7pm Fisher Fine Arts).

UPenn Student Activity Day Demo – Thursday, August 29th (time TBD). We need to work out a schedule of activities prior to the demo, will complete a list of planned fall semester activities by June meeting.

Music & Dance Day Demo – Planned for September. Still working on scheduling with UPenn.

Winter Nights South – With a tentative planned date of November 9th that had been suggested (likely the weekend after unannounced Crown, a week before St. Eligius, and two weeks before 100 Minutes War), however, Monumental Baptist Church is not available on second Saturdays. Still planning to reach out to Overbrook Presbyterian to see if that sight will work out, they were still recovering from Easter the last time we reached out. There is another option – Caer Adamant is hosting a Bardic Banshee event on October 23rd, and that may work for hosting Winter nights – Martyn will reach out and connect the interested parties.

Thélème at Penn – Tentative date: Spring Semester 2020. Livia has emailed the contact in Kisliack, who has responded – date wrangling will happen in the coming months.

New Business

Gold Key – Will be moved to Livia’s house for the summer months and Livia and others will be going through it soon. We need to establish what may be viable to loan out for Pennsic. Assistance will be needed; please contact Livia.

Philly OutFest Demo – Sunday, October 13th. Bruni will organize a bead-making workshop. Martyn will reach out to event organizers to find out what is required to secure space as well as several other Bailiwick members to gather additional support.

Officer Reports

Seneschal – Zip Code reassignment has been completed and is reflected in the most recent Kingdom Census. A report from the May Barony Business Meeting was given.

Exchequer – Nothing to report.

Herald – Continuing to help people with submissions, and Maryna’s personal submissions have passed on from Kingdom to Society! In the fall, possibly doing a heraldry thing (either a workshop or commentary group). Planning to volunteer at Herald’s Point at Pennsic. Quarterly Report will be due in June.

Minister of Arts & Sciences – I sent in my Quarterly Report. They have changed to an online reporting form with only two questions.

Chatelaine – No new contacts this month.

Chamberlain – The Gold Key is going to live with Livia for the summer for sorting, organization, and repair.

Webminister – A few minor updates have been made already, larger changes should be posted by the June meeting.

April 2019 Business Meeting Minutes

Start time: 7:15 End time: 7:45

Old Business & New Business moved to the end of the meeting by Martyn.

Officer Reports

Seneschal – Quarterly Report filed last week – inquired about the status on the Zip Code re-assignment, because it was not reflected in the most recent EK Census. Local Seneschals are now receiving regular census updates.

Exchequer – No changes to report; Quarterly report is due next week.

Chatelaine – No new people or contacts. We need to start thinking about the UPenn Activities Fair (date isn’t set yet, but likely the last week of August or first week of September). We will register under a different category to be with a different group of student organizations than last year.

Herald – Helped a few people with consultations. Anyone who wants to register stuff, please reach out to Maryna to discuss.

Chamberlain – We still have stuff. A wooden bowl has been donated to the Bailiwick loaner feast gear.

Minister of Arts & Sciences – Stuff happened, stuff continues to happen. Craft & Chats are scheduled and we will be scheduling more; Scriptorium continues.

Webminister – Will be adding a walking guide for Fisher Fine Arts meeting room to the website in the coming months. Plan to find a new way to update website regularly with meeting minutes and will update officers.

New Business

Business Meeting Schedule – Tuesday May 28th at 7pm in Meyerson Conf. Room in Van Pelt Library. June 18th also at 7pm in Meyerson Conf. Room. Will schedule for July 16th for same time/location, but we do not plan to need a July meeting, but this will keep the space reserved in case we need it. Tentative schedule for August meeting will be Tuesday August 25th at 7pm in Conference Room B of Fisher Fine Arts Library.

Old Business

Event Planning / Site Search – Livia will continue to attempt to make a reservation for space in Irvine Auditorium for Sept/Oct as well as at Iron Gate for a day-long dance practice and music jam session with the Bhakaili Branslers in September. Martyn is working to contact Monumental Baptist Church in West Philly (50th & Locust) about renting space (they also have a parking lot). Possible location for Winter Nights South – which is hoped to be in November 2019.

Thélème at Penn 2020 – Large event for Spring Semester2020 will be a revival of Thélème at Penn – Livia and Bruni will discuss with staff at Kislack center in the Van Pelt library to begin the initial planning stages for the event. Event will be garb optional; will be advertised to the community at Penn and the possibly the public as well. Will accept donations in lieu of site fee/may be run as a demo.

March 2019 Business Meeting Minutes

Start time: 7:15 End time: 8:00

Old Business

Event Planning – A court of love could be a great addition to a Bailiwick event, following discussions with Mistress Sabine. Livia has contacted Irvine Auditorium, but they don’t schedule more than a semester ahead and we may face some scheduling hurdles. Plan to also reach out about Iron Gate as a possible event space. We are planning to run a dance practice / music dance session as a “test session” for scheduling in these spaces. Hopefully schedule in Sept/Oct 2019 – Fall Semester. Larger event hoped for Spring 2020 semester.

New Business

Scribal Workshop – Backlog Scroll workshop. Possible joint venture. Mundane clothing. Purpose is to work on backlog scrolls for the East. Livia will reach out to Kislack and handle scheduling the room. Maryna will reach out to Scribal Community to work on possible dates. Bailiwick already has sufficient supplies to support the event. Bailiwick will provide brunch-type foods.

Other Workshop Ideas: WikiPage Workshop, Heraldic Workshops/Commenting Sessions.

Officer Reports

Seneschal – Waiting on update re: Zip Code transfers. Otherwise, planning and activity continues!

Exchequer – Nothing to report.

Herald – Discussion about running a Heraldry workshop, has been helping a newcomer with their submission to be sent to Kingdom.

Minister of Arts & Sciences – Quarterly report has been sent! Scriptorium continues at Fisher Fine Arts Library, check the calendar for dates (scheduled Tuesdays).

Chatelaine – No new contacts this month.

Chamberlain – Xanthippe has some SCA signs, drink coolers, and possibly other stuff which Philadelphia has retrieved and brought to Bailiwick storage.

Webminister – We have a website. Update planned in May/June.

A New Year, A New Semester!

Hello everyone,

I hope 2019 has started out well. If you’re new or newly interested in the SCA, please be sure to check out the SCA Welcome Page and contact our new, acting Chatelaine (newcomer liaison) Livia for information. Over the next several days the Ivyeinrust calendar will be updated, and I’ll return to regularly posting meeting minutes. I may go and create a separate “archive” of just meeting minutes on the site, but that plan is still in the future as of right now. No significant changes were made from September through December, and the Bailiwick has continued to grow its regular activities and work on outreach.

Here are our meeting minutes (edited) from the January 2019 Business Meeting, held yesterday (01/21):

Meeting Start Time: 7:45pm
Meeting End Time: 8:30pm
In Attendance: Philadelphia Brown, Brunissende Dragonette, Livia Petralia, and Martyn de Halliwell.

Old Business
Zip Codes ™ – The Zip Code request was sent by the Baronial Seneschal and we received positive feedback from Kingdom; we are just awaiting final approval from the Kingdom Seneschal’s Office and the Postal Code Legatus to confirm the changes requested have been made.

New Business
Chatelaine Office Open – the Office of Chatelaine (newcomer liaison) is currently open. Livia nominated herself to fill the position and was named acting Chatelaine. We will confirm at the February Business Meeting. Anyone else who may be interested in the position should send an email to the Seneschal, Martyn, who will file the quarterly report for January 2019 ASAP.

German Society Demo – the Barony has to complete a Demo for the members of the German Society of Pennsylvania this year in order to continue receiving its discounted rates for the Yule & Tavern events the Barony holds their annually. The Bailiwick will offer to assist the Barony as needed and members are available.

Business Meeting Date Change – Because Martyn (Seneschal) now has a terribly exciting Monday evening class for the semester, Business Meetings will be moved to Tuesday and the location will also change to be the same a Scriptorium (also held on some Tuesdays) in the Fisher Fine Arts Library on Penn’s Campus – Conference Room 2B. The site is handicap accessible, but you need to contact Martyn or Livia in advance if you need assistance accessing the space or if you don’t have a PennID so your name can be added to the door list. More information will be made in a future post to the Bailiwick’s website after the calendar has been updated.

Scriptorium – Will be held tomorrow (now today, Tues 1/22) starting at 6pm at the Fisher Fine Arts Library. See info on the Bailiwick’s calendar. The goal is to have the scriptorium roughly twice per month. There is also a Scriptorium scheduled for next Tuesday, 1/29.

Craft & Chat – Mael Eoin kindly hosted the January Craft & Chat at his home out in Media, PA. The next Craft & Chat will take place at the Van Pelt Library’s Meyerson Conference Room (2nd Floor) on Sunday, February 17th from 1pm-4pm. Please contact Bruni or Livia if you plan to attend.

Cooking Workshop – The Bailiwick will be hosting a regular cooking workshop, with the first being held on Friday, February 15th. The theme will be posted soon, and it will start at 6:30pm. The location for the workshop will be the common room + kitchen at West Lofts: 220 S 47th St, Philadelphia, PA 19139 and is being hosted by Martyn. Please see the calendar after the update, or contact Martyn for additional details.

Officer Reports
Seneschal – Report to the Barony was sent via Philadelphia (thank you!), as I was in Caer Adamant teaching a class on mead-making for their Monthly Arts & Sciences Night. My report has be submitted to the Southern Region Seneschal, and as mentioned previously, we are just waiting on confirmation from Kingdom on the new Zip Codes being added to the Bailiwick. Curia is being held this weekend at Birka and I will be in attendance. During the meeting we discussed the proposed 20% tax on Royal Progress events, as well as the proposed award name changes and reviewed the other changes listed on the agenda.

Chancellor of the Exchequer – My report is due at the end of the month. Maryna received her check for Scriptorium Supplies. Unfortunately, our contact person at TD Bank has left, so I will have to go get the information for the new contact person and resubmit the Change in Signatories Form to Kingdom and have it passed along to Milpitas for processing.

Minister of Arts & Sciences – My next Quarterly Report is not due until March. The Scriptorium starts back up tomorrow, and people are doing A&S!

Chamberlain – There is stuff, and there is Gold Key. I will be bringing some Gold Key to the Bhakail Tavern event this weekend (At the Sign of the Cat & Dragon) for a newcomer.

Webminister – I have been remiss in updating the website regularly since the fall. I will be posting the meeting minutes again and hopefully making some page changes/updates and doing a small bit of re-organization.

In service,
Martyn, Bailiff
Seneschal of Ivyeinrust

September Meeting Tonight at 7:30

We will be having our September Business meeting tonight at 7:30pm in the Meyerson Conference Room on the 2nd floor of the Van Pelt Library. 

The meeting usually lasts less than an hour, and there’s ample opportunity if you have questions, or just want an overview of what we do here within the city & in University City.

Tonight’s agenda is pretty straight forward:

Old Business

1) Post-Pennsic Social (how did it go?)

2) Penn Fall Activities Fair (how did it go?)

3) Moving Bailiwick email list (completed, except archive transfer)

4) Zip Codes (discuss previous proposal sent to the Barony & its status, as well as review the Bailiwick’s intentions to clarify message being brought to Baronial Zip Code Committee)

New Business

1) Lunch in the Bailiwick

2) Philly Field Trips

3) Recruiting & Activities Planning

4) Ivy bag project 

5) Future meeting dates

Officer Reports

1) Seneschal (Chapter President)

2) Chancellor of the Exchequer (Treasurer)

3) Minister of Arts & Sciences

4) Chatelaine (Newcomer Liaison)

5) Chamberlain (Keeper of Ivy gear)

6) Webminister 

Announcements & Reminders

1) Craft & Chat

2) City Social

3) Scriptorium

4) Local events 

5) Bhakail Yule

All my best,


For up-to-date info & calendar, be sure to always check out Ivy’s calendar here on the website.

City Social Tonight & Summer Updates

Hello and welcome to those who are new to the Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust, a sub-chapter of the Barony of Bhakail in the East Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)!

For those that may have encountered our group recently, please use our contact form to be contacted by our newcomer liaison. Join our email list by clicking here.

Please consider visiting for a great overview of what the SCA is about.

The East Kingdom also has a page for newcomers, located here.

The Bailiwick hosts a monthly City Social at West Lofts at 220 S. 47th Street in Philadelphia. We will be there from 6pm-8pm tonight, snacks provided! Please contact the Seneschal (Chapter President) or see the Calendar for more information.

The Bailiwick held a meeting in June, a very informal meeting in July, and a rather quick meeting earlier this month (August). A synopsis of those meetings, as well as an agenda for the upcoming September Bailiwick Business Meeting on Monday, September 10th are forthcoming.

The Bailiwick Calendar has also been replaced – please add the new calendar if you have not already.

Ivyeinrust had a successful day at the UPenn Fall Student Activities Fair yesterday! We engaged with many undergraduate students at Penn, and several have signed up for the email list, and lots left with flyers compiled, designed, & printed by Livia.

Many thanks to Livia, Bruni, Michah, and Maryna for coming out to the demo! Heat, humidity, and mosquitos were not enough to thwart our efforts to spread news of the SCA on Penn’s campus, and I am very thankful for the support of the Officers of the Bailiwick for helping to meet one of the major goals we set for the year. Special thanks to Livia who did the lion’s share of work in preparing everything and being an out-going spokesperson for the SCA in the throngs of new Penn students.


Seneschal of Ivyeinrust, Bailiff of the Bailiwick

May Meeting Tonight – Agenda

The Bailiwick Business Meeting will be starting a little later than normal today; the meeting will not begin until 7:45pm. If you are attending the meeting please email Livia so you can be added to the guest list.

The meeting will take place in the Meyerson Conference on the 2nd Floor of the Van Pelt Library on Penn’s Campus.

The following is the proposed Agenda:

Old Business

  1. Post-Pennsic Social
  2. Penn Student Activities Day Demo
  3. Moving Bailiwick E-mail List
  4. Fall Scribal Display & Demo
  5. Zip Codes
  6. Bailiwick Banner

New Business

  1. Scribal Demo / Kislak Demo
  2. Fall Recruitment Planning
  3. Any additional business brought to the meeting

Officer Reports

  1. Seneschal (Martyn)
  2. Chancellor of the Exchequer (Livia)
  3. Minister of Arts & Sciences (Bruni)
  4. Chatelaine (Philly)
  5. Webminister (Philly)

Report from the Barony

Announcements & Reminders

  1. City Social
  2. Any additional announcements and/or reminders brought to the meeting


March Minutes & April Business Meeting Reminder

The April Business Meeting for the Bailiwick is tonight! We will be in the Meyerson Conference Room on the 2nd Floor of the Van Pelt Library on UPenn’s campus. Email seneschal @ ivyeinrust . eastkingdom . org for more information.

Our March Business Meeting was held on Wednesday, March 28th, 2018.

Meeting Started: 7:50pm               Meeting Ended:  8:45pm

In Attendance: Brunissende Dragonette, Philadelphia Brown, Martyn de Halliwell, Livia Petralia.

Old Business

  1. Craft & Chat – Are now scheduled through July 2018. Will look at Post-Pennsic schedule.
  2. Post-Pennsic Social – Will be held, date TBD, pending Baronial Commons/Champions scheduling. Possibly at Penn, possibly at Martyn’s.
  3. Return of City Social – tabled to April Meeting.
  4. Penn Student Activities Day Demo  – tabled to April Meeting.
  5. Bailiwick Facebook Page – is now up and running, Martyn and Philly are admins for the page; is not a group.
  6. Moving Bailiwick E-Mail List – waiting for the completion of updates to the new GfNP to give the Webministry team some time. Follow-up in April/May.
  7. Scribal Schola – waiting on response from Signet’s office.
  8. Zip Codes – The Bailiwick will be requesting zip codes 19151 and 19131, and drawing a northern border across zip codes in the city; to mirror the MFL and extend to the Delaware River for continuity. Discussed possibility of including areas of NW Philadelphia or other colleges in the city, was decided to be unnecessary/unwanted at this time.

New Business

  1. Google-for-Non-Profits – all officers are required to log into their new EK gmail accounts.
  2. EK 50-Year Celebration – discussed what the Bailiwick could get together to participate with the Barony in the display, as well as the memorial garden contributions.

Officer Reports

  1. Seneschal – (Martyn) Update from Society and Kingdom passed along from Kingdom Seneschal.
  2. Exchequer – (Livia) Report is due at the end of April.
  3. MoAS – (Bruni) Will be attending Keeper of the Central Flame & judging. KWHSS also coming up in June in Pittsburgh.
  4. Chatelaine – (Philly) Nothing to report.
  5. Webminister – (Philly) The transition to Google-for-Non-Profits has been completed!

March 2018 Bailiwick Meeting CHANGE OF DATE

Greetings all!

Due to the current weather forecast, the University of Pennsylvania libraries will be closed tomorrow, Wednesday, March 21st, 2018.

The March 2018 Bailiwick Business Meeting will now be held next Wednesday, March 28th at 7:30pm in the Meyerson Conference Room on the 3rd Floor of the Van Pelt Library on UPenn’s campus.

Meetings are open to all students and members of the public, but if you do not have a Penn ID and have not been to a meeting before, please email Livia with your name so she can pass it along to the library’s safety personnel.

I apologize for any inconvenience this date change may cause for those who had planned to attend the meeting. If there is any business you wish to have brought up and/or discussed at the March meeting, please email me directly.

I will be posting a tentative agenda for the meeting later this week.

In service to the Bailiwick,


February 2018 Bailiwick Business Meeting to be held in Meyerson Conference Room in Van Pelt Library on Wed 2/21 at 7:30 p.m.

Ave, Ivy!

Just a reminder that our monthly business meeting will be at the regular location (Meyerson Conference Room on the 2nd floor of Van Pelt Library, 3420 Walnut on Penn’s campus), at the regular date/time (third Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.).

If this is your first time attending and you do not have a PennCard, please contact Livia at Exchequer at Ivyeinrust dot EastKingdom dot org to be added to the security guard’s list.

See you at Wed 2/21 at 7:30 p.m.! Thanks!

– Philly

January 2018 Bailiwick Business Meeting to be held in Meyerson Conference Room in Van Pelt Library on Wed 1/17 at 7:30 p.m.

Ave, Ivy!

Just a reminder that our monthly business meeting will be at the regular location (Meyerson Conference Room on the 2nd floor of Van Pelt Library, 3420 Walnut on Penn’s campus), at the regular date/time (third Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.). 

Discussions tomorrow night will include whether we should change the date/time of our monthly meeting, possible zip code changes, and officer changes, among other topics. 

If this is your first time attending and you do not have a PennCard, please contact Livia at Exchequer at Ivyeinrust dot EastKingdom dot org to be added to the security guard’s list. 

See you tomorrow night (Wed 1/17) at 7:30 p.m.! Thanks! 

– Philly


November 2017 Bailiwick Business Meeting to be held in Meyerson Conference Room in Van Pelt Library on Wed 11/8 at 7:30 p.m.

Ave, Ivy!

The next business meeting of the Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust will be on Wed 11/8 at 7:30 p.m., in the Meyerson Conference Room on the second floor of Van Pelt Library (3420 Walnut Street) on Penn’s campus.

Anyone who is interested in helping to plan the Society for Creative Anachronism activities in the South Philly, Center City, and West Philly areas is welcome!

If you have never attended one of these meetings before and are not a member of the Penn community, please send your name to Livia (exchequer at Ivyeinrust dot EastKingdom dot org) so she can add your name to the security guard’s list.

See you on Wednesday, 11/8!

– Philly