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Old Business & New Business moved to the end of the meeting by Martyn.

Officer Reports

Seneschal – Quarterly Report filed last week – inquired about the status on the Zip Code re-assignment, because it was not reflected in the most recent EK Census. Local Seneschals are now receiving regular census updates.

Exchequer – No changes to report; Quarterly report is due next week.

Chatelaine – No new people or contacts. We need to start thinking about the UPenn Activities Fair (date isn’t set yet, but likely the last week of August or first week of September). We will register under a different category to be with a different group of student organizations than last year.

Herald – Helped a few people with consultations. Anyone who wants to register stuff, please reach out to Maryna to discuss.

Chamberlain – We still have stuff. A wooden bowl has been donated to the Bailiwick loaner feast gear.

Minister of Arts & Sciences – Stuff happened, stuff continues to happen. Craft & Chats are scheduled and we will be scheduling more; Scriptorium continues.

Webminister – Will be adding a walking guide for Fisher Fine Arts meeting room to the website in the coming months. Plan to find a new way to update website regularly with meeting minutes and will update officers.

New Business

Business Meeting Schedule – Tuesday May 28th at 7pm in Meyerson Conf. Room in Van Pelt Library. June 18th also at 7pm in Meyerson Conf. Room. Will schedule for July 16th for same time/location, but we do not plan to need a July meeting, but this will keep the space reserved in case we need it. Tentative schedule for August meeting will be Tuesday August 25th at 7pm in Conference Room B of Fisher Fine Arts Library.

Old Business

Event Planning / Site Search – Livia will continue to attempt to make a reservation for space in Irvine Auditorium for Sept/Oct as well as at Iron Gate for a day-long dance practice and music jam session with the Bhakaili Branslers in September. Martyn is working to contact Monumental Baptist Church in West Philly (50th & Locust) about renting space (they also have a parking lot). Possible location for Winter Nights South – which is hoped to be in November 2019.

Thélème at Penn 2020 – Large event for Spring Semester2020 will be a revival of Thélème at Penn – Livia and Bruni will discuss with staff at Kislack center in the Van Pelt library to begin the initial planning stages for the event. Event will be garb optional; will be advertised to the community at Penn and the possibly the public as well. Will accept donations in lieu of site fee/may be run as a demo.


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