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Old Business

Meeting Schedule – July 16th meeting is tentatively cancelled, barring any unforeseen circumstances. Our Fall 2019 Semester business meetings will all be held in Seminar B in the Fisher Fine Arts Library, starting at 7pm on the following Tuesdays: August 27th, September 17th, October 15th, November 26th, and December 17th.

Winter Nights South – Caer Adamant will be expanding the timeframe of their event to include Winter Nights at their Bardic Banshee event on Saturday, October 23rd. Please come out to support the event! Everyone was very thankful the Bailiwick was willing to step in to host the event, and very happy with the outcome.

Fall Workshops – Scriptorium and Craft & Chat dates have been posted to the Bailiwick calendar. Scriptorium will now take place on Monday evenings. Please join us!

UPenn Student Activity Day Demo – Livia has completed the first draft of our handout with calendar of events and activities. We have a Craft & Chat scheduled between Pennsic and the Demo so we can work on crafting things to distribute to prospective student-members. Registration for student groups happens on August 15th, and will be managed by Livia. We will be registering under a more appropriate group category this year, as “cultural organization” did not place us in an area with comparable activities.

Gold Key – One-third (1/3) of Gold Key has been moved to Livia’s house. Livia is planning to make a database available on the Bailiwick website of what Gold Key is available for loan. A compatible, useful WordPress Plug-in has also been found to host a gallery on the Bailiwick website. There is a possibility we will be follow a concept from Settmour Swamp of sorting outfits into reusable/sealing bags that are labeled with the contents of the bag. This will help with Gold Key organization, database accuracy, and ease of selecting appropriate garb by newcomers.

Philly OutFest Demo – Martyn has been in contact with some of the organizers of the event, who were still recovering from hosting Philly Pride Festival. The event starts at 12 noon and runs until 7pm on Sunday, October 13th, 2019. Set-up starts between 8am-9am, with cars needing to be removed well before the noon start time. Martyn will loan the Bailiwick a pop-up to provide shade and hanging display space. Three (3) volunteers have already reached out to Martyn about staffing the table during the day, and initial details have been shared with the Barony. We are awaiting to find out if a deposit will be required or a fee will be required, and if so, how much that deposit and/or fee will cost. A maximum of $200.00 was authorized by those present to be spent on behalf of the Bailiwick to secure a space, if necessary. Martyn will announce information via the Bailiwick email list and social media outlets once it is available.

Thélème at Penn – Bruni has volunteered to serve as the Autocrat / Event Steward for the event. We have a tentaive date scheduled with Kislak: March 14th, 2020. Maryna will be the Class Coordinator. Livia will be the Site Liaison and has secured one room as part of the initial request. A formal proposal is being prepared to be sent to Kislak staff so that we can secure additional space there (Kislak is located on the sixth (6th) floor of the Van Pelt Library on Penn’s campus – those present at the meeting had the opportunity to tour the space following the meeting). Beyond the fantastic presentation space, there are three (3) classrooms, which can be divided into smaller/larger spaces as needed, as well as a computer lab. There is also a large seating area which was used for poster displace during the previous Thélème. The event will be a free event, in modern clothing, open to and advertised to the public (especially the Penn community), and accept free-will donations.

New Business

Bead Making Workshop – In lieu of a formal bead-making workshop, efforts will be made to have time where those wishing to bring their glass bead kits to work together in the same space can do so, with a probable focus on creating beads for the OutFest Demo.

Service Schola – Mael Eoin and Ysmay have indicated an interest in hosting a Service Schola. Maryna has suggested that they reach out to Livia to see if a space at Penn would work to host their event.

Bailiwick Bylaws & Policies – Martyn will be discussing with individual Officers over the summer months to get completed, necessary Policies (e.g. Financial Policy) to propose at a meeting after a proper announcement. A rough draft of proposed new Bylaws will be distributed electronically this week to the officers and on the email list. Commentary is requested and encouraged, and can be emailed to the Seneschal. A more finalized draft for discussion at the August Business Meeting will be distributed the week following Pennsic, and hopefully we will see passage at the September Business Meeting. There was discussion about the rough draft at tonight’s meeting. There was significant support for changing initial Officer Terms to four (4) years, with optional two (2) year renewals.

Officer Reports

Seneschal – The Barony has a new Seneschal: THL Alesia de Maris. The final information has been sent to the Kingdom Chatelaine to complete Livia’s rostering; this was after I received an additional follow-up from the Kingdom Chatelaine requesting information, beyond their initial request. My quarterly report is due next month.

Chancellor of the Exchequer – No changes. My quarterly report is due next month.

Ivy Pursuivant (Herald) – I submitted my quarterly report today, ahead of the deadline at the end of this month. I have been helping several people with their submission paperwork.

Minister of Arts & Sciences – We now have a schedule for upcoming workshops and thanks to Livia we have the site secured for Thélème. My report was submitted before the June 1st deadline, there is now a simplified, web form that is very short and easy to use.

Chatelaine – Some loaner garb has been temporarily relocated. New advertisements for students has been drafted. I gave a flyer to a staff member at UPenn.

Chamberlain – No report this month.

Webminister – A number of updates and changes have been made to A number of updates and changes have been made to the Bailiwick’s website. Meeting Minutes and Announcements will now appear under a page entitled “The Rusted Post” which was the name of the Bailiwick’s previous newsletter. This will just be the Meeting Minutes and Announcements that separately appeared on the home page, there are not current plans to have a Chronicler create a Newsletter. If anyone is interested in taking on that responsibility, please contact the Seneschal. The Chatelaine email has been reassigned successfully, with apologies to Livia for the delay.


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