Start time: 7:15 End time: 8:00

Old Business

Event Planning – A court of love could be a great addition to a Bailiwick event, following discussions with Mistress Sabine. Livia has contacted Irvine Auditorium, but they don’t schedule more than a semester ahead and we may face some scheduling hurdles. Plan to also reach out about Iron Gate as a possible event space. We are planning to run a dance practice / music dance session as a “test session” for scheduling in these spaces. Hopefully schedule in Sept/Oct 2019 – Fall Semester. Larger event hoped for Spring 2020 semester.

New Business

Scribal Workshop – Backlog Scroll workshop. Possible joint venture. Mundane clothing. Purpose is to work on backlog scrolls for the East. Livia will reach out to Kislack and handle scheduling the room. Maryna will reach out to Scribal Community to work on possible dates. Bailiwick already has sufficient supplies to support the event. Bailiwick will provide brunch-type foods.

Other Workshop Ideas: WikiPage Workshop, Heraldic Workshops/Commenting Sessions.

Officer Reports

Seneschal – Waiting on update re: Zip Code transfers. Otherwise, planning and activity continues!

Exchequer – Nothing to report.

Herald – Discussion about running a Heraldry workshop, has been helping a newcomer with their submission to be sent to Kingdom.

Minister of Arts & Sciences – Quarterly report has been sent! Scriptorium continues at Fisher Fine Arts Library, check the calendar for dates (scheduled Tuesdays).

Chatelaine – No new contacts this month.

Chamberlain – Xanthippe has some SCA signs, drink coolers, and possibly other stuff which Philadelphia has retrieved and brought to Bailiwick storage.

Webminister – We have a website. Update planned in May/June.


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