Salutations and welcome from Brunissende Dragonette, Ivy Pursuivant.

Ivy pursuivant is the title of the herald of Ivyeinrust. It is attached to the office of local herald of Ivyeinrust, not the person. As your local herald, I am here to help you with the heraldic aspects of the SCA. Heraldry in the SCA takes diverse forms, and so there are different types of heralds:

  • Many people decide to register names and armory with the SCA college of arms. “Book heralds” are the ones who can help you with documentation. Heraldic submissions are also processed by “administrative heralds”
  • Some events will have courts where awards are distributed, and people recognized. There, “voice heralds” are the voice of the nobles. Courts also often have “silent heralds” who sign for people who have difficulties hearing court but can understand sign language.
  • Tourneys are cried by tourney heralds. Some events also have heralds to cry announcements.
  • Some heralds are interested in the study of protocol, be it period or SCA, and are called “protocol heralds”.
  • The “precedence heralds” maintain the Order of precedence (list of awards people have received and ranks
  • Someone can be several of those types of heralds.

Your local herald is a member of the East Kingdom College of Heralds, which is led by the Brigantia Principal Herald.

Blue Tyger Herald is the herald in charge of names and armory submission in the East Kingdom.

If you want to learn about heraldry, Elmet Herald is the person in charge of heraldic education in the kingdom.

If you are interested in the heraldic history of the Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust:
– We are at this point the only Bailiwick in the Known World
– Our group name was registered in May 1981
– Our group arms (Argent, an ivy leaf within a laurel wreath vert and a chief embattled sable)
were registered in February 1982
– The title “Ivy pursuivant” was registered in November 1988
– Our group badge ((Fieldless) An ivy leaf quarterly vert and argent) was registered in July 2012

Order of Precedence