Order of Precedence – Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust

Brunissende (aka Bruni)
preferred full formal name: Dame Brunissende Dragonette
8/13/2003 Award of Arms
9/13/2003 Award of Arms
3/4/2006 Salamander
4/1/2006 Queen’s Honor of Distinction
2/24/2007 Silver Crescent
4/14/2007 Queen’s Honor of Distinction
6/7/2008 Burdened Tyger
7/18/2009 Maunche
9/26/2009 Queen’s Honor of Distinction
9/25/2010 King’s Esteem of Merit
1/5/2013 Pelican
8/10/2016 Laurel

??? Order of the Harlequin

Philadelphia (aka Philly)
preferred full formal name: Mistress Philadelphia Brown
4/23/1988 Award of Arms
7/18/1992 Salamander
12/14/1996 Terpsichore
4/12/2003 Silver Crescent
4/3/2004 Queen’s Order of Courtesy
2/24/2007 Court Baroness
2/24/2007 Grant of Arms
9/14/2014 Pelican

??? Order of the Horse

preferred full formal name: Lord Geoffert of the Lone Oake
2/7/1998 Award of Arms
1/15/2005 Silver Crescent
6/16/2012 Flame of Bhakail
??? Salamander
??? Order of the Horse

Xanthippe (aka Xan)
preferred full formal name: Kuria Xanthippe Ouranina
formerly known as Lady Tiphaine de Montaigne
6/17/1995 Award of Arms
2/13/2016 Order of the Silver Wheel
??? Salamander
??? Order of the Horse

preferred full formal name: Hlaford Osric Feologildsson
12/12/2015 Award of Arms