If you would like to learn more about the SCA, or you are a SCAdian moving to the Philadelphia area, or you wish to arrange a demonstration for your school function or other event, please contact the Chatelain at chatelaine at ivyeinrust.eastkingdom.org.

(“Chatelain” is pronounced “shat-ell-ain” and is the officer responsible for helping newcomers and arranging for demonstrations.)

For business-related or other issues, you may contact the Seneschal, the Chapter President, at seneschal at ivyeinrust.eastkingdom.org.

For technical matters related to the website only, you may contact the Webminister at web at ivyeinrust.eastkingdom.org.

We also have a mailing list for Ivyeinrust members. Please visit the group directly by clicking here (external link, opens in new tab/page).