Welcome to the researching and doing!

We are lucky in Philadelphia and at the University of Pennsylvania to have access to several major research libraries, librarians, and resources. There are museums and rare books & manuscripts collections.

There are members with kitchens and herb gardens. Our barony has people with full brewing set ups and community brewing days. We have people willing to lend you a sewing machine. We have lampwork kits and annealing kilns. We have so many reference materials. Come and share anything you are interested in, and maybe someone will join in with what they’ve also learned in this area.

The East Kingdom MoAS page has resources for artisans, for teaching & learning, and for competitions & displays.

Upcoming A&S workshops
None scheduled at this time.

Past Tavern Talks
Medieval Finnish Magic – Lady Xanthippe Ouranina – November 2015
History of Coffee – Baroness Scheherazade al-Zahira – September 2015
Reynard, the Trickster Fox, in Medieval Manuscripts – m’lord Joseph of Ostgardr – July 2015
Medieval Methods of Food Preservation – Lady Alana O’Keeve – March 2015
Eyewear in the Middle Ages and Renaissance – Lord Reijnier Verplanck – June 2014
Managing SCA Websites – Baron Mael Eoin mac Echuid – May 2014
Science as a Discipline in the Middle Ages – Lady Xanthippe Ouranina – May 2014
Re-creating Medieval Soapmaking – Dame Brunissende Dragonette – May 2014

Past A&S workshops
Skjoldehamn Hood sewing workshop – January 2016
How to make medieval Rus garb – January 2015
Latin Lingo – 2014
Lazy Latinists – 2013
Inkle Loom Weaving – August 2012
Roman Cooking Workshop – October 2011
Making Medieval Bread, Custard, and Rice Dishes – March 2011
Sewing and Socializing – March 2011
Bardic Circles – 2006 to 2008

Past Bailiwick Commonses
Dancing, Music, Etc. Commons – February 2006