Our scope of interest started out narrow back when the Society was founded in 1966 at Berkeley – with a science fiction and fantasy club that wanted to host a tournament and have kings and queens and a very Eurocentric Renaissance sort of fantasy. Also, some of them were just terrible humans – do not put too much romance on the society’s origins. But now we are so much more than that! ANYWHERE in the world! Any social class! Any time before 1600CE! Anything you want to research! With the joy of having other people share your interests and be excited in what you are researching, too! But only as much pressure or deadlines as you choose to impose upon yourself. It’s all opt in and self-paced.

We have classes to share knowledge with each other, but also small workshops where we practice crafts and learn together. We are modern enough to have virtual meetings, classes, and even events – but also we gather in person: in kitchens and college campuses, event spaces and camp grounds. There’s so much that is being done within the society that there will be a place and people that will be fun.

This is not, however, a Renaissance Faire with paid actors or a catered dinner party with a staff. One of the minimum requirements for our events is an attempt at historical clothing, and that is because we are ALL active participants and there is no audience.

But there’s so much support!

If you do not have (or do not have enough) historical clothing, we have GOLD KEY (or loaner garb) for a variety of genders and sizes. We are also happy to help you make clothing, if that interests you.

The international organization has made a great Newcomers’ Portal full of information. And the East Kingdom has an introduction to activities available in the SCA. If this specific group isn’t doing something, we might know workshops at local colleges or other nearby SCA groups.

Let’s have fun together!