Who is doing what

Here's an introduction to what various people are doing in this group and who to ask for advice or encouragement and how to get the resources you want. It's where to look to get involved!


This is the person in charge of welcoming newcomers. Well, we all do - but here's your first point of contact.


This is the club president. Find out more about our values and policies. Also information on awards.

Ivy Pursuivant

What is a herald and why do you care? Names! Devices (shields and other forms of display so that you can be recognized iconically)!

Minister of
Arts and Sciences

This is the person with the how and the what. This person doesn't know everything, but they'll find someone who can teach you 


Meeting minutes, news, events, topical posts, and miscellany!

Howdy friends, I come before you with news of our upcoming business meeting, where we shall […]
We have elected new officers and shall begin the process of getting everyone new warrants! Officers […]
Start time: 7:05pm End time: 7:36pm Old Business Meeting Schedule – Confirmed for Fall 2019 Semester […]
Start time: 7:20pm End time: 8:10pm Old Business Meeting Schedule – July 16th meeting is tentatively […]
Start time: 7:15 End time: 7:55 Old Business Review of Meeting Schedule – Now on the […]
Start time: 7:15 End time: 7:45 Old Business & New Business moved to the end of […]
Start time: 7:15 End time: 8:00 Old Business Event Planning – A court of love could […]
Hello everyone, I hope 2019 has started out well. If you’re new or newly interested in […]
We will be having our September Business meeting tonight at 7:30pm in the Meyerson Conference Room […]
Hello and welcome to those who are new to the Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust, a sub-chapter of […]
Meeting Started: 7:45pm             Meeting Ended: 8:40pm In Attendance: Brunissende Dragonette, Philadelphia Brown, Martyn de Halliwell, Livia Petralia. Next […]
The Bailiwick Business Meeting will be starting a little later than normal today; the meeting will […]
Meeting Started: 7:38pm             Meeting Ended: 8:35pm In Attendance: Philadelphia Brown, Martyn de Halliwell, Livia Petralia. Next Meeting: […]
The April Business Meeting for the Bailiwick is tonight! We will be in the Meyerson Conference […]
Greetings all! Due to the current weather forecast, the University of Pennsylvania libraries will be closed […]