Who is doing what

Here's an introduction to what various people are doing in this group and who to ask for advice or encouragement and how to get the resources you want. It's where to look to get involved!


This is the person in charge of welcoming newcomers. Well, we all do - but here's your first point of contact.


This is the club president. Find out more about our values and policies. Also information on awards.

Ivy Pursuivant

What is a herald and why do you care? Names! Devices (shields and other forms of display so that you can be recognized iconically)!

Minister of
Arts and Sciences

This is the person with the how and the what. This person doesn't know everything, but they'll find someone who can teach you 


Meeting minutes, news, events, topical posts, and miscellany!

If you are part of the Bailiwick, then you are also a part of the Barony! […]
Howdy friends, I come before you with news of our upcoming business meeting, where we shall […]
For close to the last decade, Magister John Marshall atte Ford (mka Joe Fling), was my […]
We have elected new officers and shall begin the process of getting everyone new warrants! Officers […]
Start time: 7:15 End time: 7:55 Old Business Review of Meeting Schedule – Now on the […]
Start time: 7:15 End time: 7:45 Old Business & New Business moved to the end of […]
Start time: 7:15 End time: 8:00 Old Business Event Planning – A court of love could […]
Greetings! This past Sunday was the first Philadelphia Renaissance Faire and we’re glad to say it […]
For people close enough to Penn during the day, the next clay sale will be next […]
Bonjour mes amis! If anyone is interested in a group trip to the Piffaro/Laughing Bird concert […]
Ave, Ivy! Does anyone need a ride to either Coronation on Sat 4/11 or Noisemakers on […]
https://twitter.com/FLRichardIII Reburial timetable of events During this week there will be a series of events to […]
Ave, Ivyeinrust, and a few local folks not on this list-serv! Just a few reminders: If […]
Please forgive this very belated notice — I just found out myself! Tonight at the Rotunda […]