From the Barony: First Philadelphia Renn Faire :)


This past Sunday was the first Philadelphia Renaissance Faire and we’re glad to say it was a lovely day out, despite the forecasts! A number of us gathered outside and took a group photo ahead of the opening of the gates, but we didn’t process in. We have a better idea, now, of where parking is, etc. and we’re also going to be discussing official participation of some sort next year with the organizers as soon as they’ve recovered from this year’s run ;) Whether we arrange for an information booth/table, a list field, specific activities (just dancing, shield-painting, etc.) we’ll see what comes of discussions once planning starts again :)

The Faire was certainly small; the day’s acts were on two stages and the storyline they had running seemed to go well, though there were some issues with amplification on both days, apparently (so following what was going on was sometimes tough). That said, though, their entertainers were all good with the public, they were never stumped, even when thrown some off-script curveballs, and they all seemed to have as much fun as everyone else :) The Mountain was an impressive guest to have as a headline act, and watching him pick up and toss a 227lb ball – six times! – was earth-shaking. No, literally, the earth thudded under our feet as we watched from dozens of feet away…we weren’t sitting close to the stage and every toss of the ball could be easily felt. Very impressive :)

Hopefully this will happen again next year, and we’ll see what we can do to help out; they had need of volunteers behind the scenes, I should mention, as well as folks who could do improv as part of the schtick, so I’ll ask about both roles for next year as well as how we can get in with a demo, if possible.

It was a fun day, amazing to get so many people out for a non-event outing of sorts and we really enjoyed seeing Bhakailis, SCAdians from neighboring groups, Pennsic merchants and other friends throughout the day. From start to finish, it was an enjoyable day out and hopefully they decide to do it again :D

Lastly, if anyone asked us to get tickets and didn’t go, we did still have to buy those tickets and will need to hear from you :)

Mael Eoin & Ysmay

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