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A relevant court item at River War

Happy Monday!

As, I expect, most of you know, Baroness Philadelphia Brown will be sent on vigil on Saturday to consider whether she wants to join the order of the Pelican.

I would like to suggest that the Bhakaili present and available meet and process with her as she will be called into court to give her answer.

Enjoy your day,


Press – Next Pittsburgh writes about Pennsic

Midnight Madness is the night stores open late and music fills the air as people at Pennsic look for deals and friends at the merchant tents glowing in the evening light

“Pennsic War is a 17-day reunion of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) (yep, that’s the name) an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating an authentic—and they mean authentic—pre-17th century experience.

“In other words, it’s a time portal to the Middle Ages.

“Enter the gated city and the magic of the Pennsic experience unfolds. There are Spanish conquistadors, Japanese Samurai, Vikings, Romans and other Europeans, all in period costume.” (read more at the Next Pittsburgh site)

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Press – City Paper writes about Pennsic

City Paper's photo of Pennsic's battlefield

Reports from a medieval war

The Pennsic War is the largest gathering in the world of the Society for Creative Anachronism, which calls itself “an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe.” Each August, around 10,000 people converge on Slippery Rock, Pa. from all over the world to set up a sprawling tent city at Cooper’s Lake campground. It even has its own street signs, some of which now show up on Google Maps. (read more at the City Paper’s site)

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Noisemakers Kitchen – thanks for all the help

Please allow me to extend my gratitude to everyone who helped make the Noisemakers dayboard happen. It was amazing. And even though I kept a list, I have a suspicion that I’ve missed a couple people. Please accept in advance my apologies and gratitude nevertheless.

In the early planning stages, I would like to thank Dame Brunissende Dragonette for nudging me to actually do my first dayboard and encouraging me along the way. Including baking several batches of bread when I was stressing over it.

Thank you to Asa in Svarta to getting excited about me doing a dayboard and running with it – from welcoming me into her kitchen at the El Cid event, to comparing recipes and sources, to coming over to my house twice in the weeks leading up to the event to help with food preparation. You are amazing.

Thanks to Meesteres Annetje van Woerden for sitting down with me at cooking gathers to talk about portioning and scope. I’d also like to thank her for talking about her desire for more lavish displays of food while I was around to hear, because that was definitely influential in my planning.

Thank you to Lord Martyn de Halliwell for being my co-conspirator. Thank you for helping with the organizing, helping me source ingredients and materials, taking me on a tour of the restaurant depot (and showing that one could buy hard boiled eggs already peeled), for transporting the baronial supplies, and for making vast quantities of the bread dough to my specifications (and being enthusiastic about it). And thanks to him for finding us a site with a large kitchen with plenty of counter space, refrigerator space, a working stove, and 2 working ovens!

Thank you to my friend Laura (who mostly just does Pennsic and only just this last weekend started pondering potential names), who supervised the baking of the bread the day of, and who was generally supportive at all times for all sorts of food adventures.

Thank you to Lord AElfric FitzHugh for making time on a busy weekend to come over and be calmly supportive while I experimented with a recipe all of whose ingredients I don’t particularly like (celery & olives) and enthusiastically taste testing the results.

An especial thanks to Lady Gisela Szabo for having the wisdom the day of to ask twice whether I would like her assistance (once when I was just unpacking, and then coming back once prep had fully begun), and then staying all the way through the end of the day to help assemble the food. She also was the one to think of prepping a tasting platter for the people working the registration table. I very much appreciate your thoughtfulness in all things.

Thank you to Lady Zhelana Tomeslavitsa for extraordinary service for coming to help while in pain because she had promised her help. Her hard work was very much appreciated.

Lady Violet Coleson offered not only her coffee expertise, but also popped off to grab a kettle when the tea drinkers were in need as well. She also helped with set up and clean up and was supportive throughout the day. Thank you.

Lady Triona MacCaskey dropped in to help with preparing dayboard, setup, keeping dishes full, and clearing away the dishes. Thank you.

Thank you Lady Jadwiga Piwowarka-Miodosytnika for coming by eager to help. She prepared the anchovy dish. And then when I gave her the diagram for the table layout was able to take that and supplies and turn the buffet into exactly what I had pictured in my mind! She also helped with refreshing and clearing the dayboard.

Thank you to Lady Joan de Vassy for also stopping by twice. Once to ask for help when I had a full kitchen, and then for returning half an hour before lunch to help with transporting dishes to the dayboard tables.

Many and numerous thanks to the kind gentle who dropped by after lunch, who only gave his name as Aethelstan, for single-handedly tackling a sink full of dishes.

And many thanks to the dishrag bardic, led by Jamilia al-Suba al-Hadid al-Bhakaila al-Sayyidda (and including at least one other cheerful person… who I didn’t remember to write down), for coming along and joining his efforts with much succor and friendship.

So thank you very much for your key parts in helping to create such a delightful dayboard.

Much love,
Lady Livia Petralia

Noisemakers’ Schola IX

April 12, 2014 • Springfield, PA

(View the announcement on

“Tis no matter how it be in tune so it make noise enough.”
—William Shakespeare, As You Like It.

Noisemakers is the Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust’s annual celebration of all things “noisy.” One and all are cordially invited to a full day of classes and workshops on topics related to heraldry, music, vocal performance, theater, and other clamorous activities.  This year, we are inspired by Classical Rome—classes and other activities may (but do not have to be!) connected to Roman themes.

In addition to the usual wide array of classes, this year’s Noisemakers will feature a Pelican roadshow, the baronial Bardic Championship competition (see below), a series of open bardic challenges for the entertainment of performers and audience members alike, a commedia dell’arte performance by I Zanni Illuminati, and a dayboard of Roman delights prepared by Lady Livia Petralia.

Bhakail Bardic Champions Announcement

There are two important aspects to any performance:  the performance itself, and the person who inspired it.  This year’s competition seeks to challenge each performer on both of these aspects with the following requirements:

  1. Choose a person who inspires you*, and seek to gain their favor.  You must present a physical token proving that you have received favor from that person.  This may be a traditional favor, a letter, or any other token.
  2. Prepare a performance in honor of your chosen inspiration.  This performance may be of any type, so long as it is of period style, or SCA compatible style.  It does not have to be an original composition.Participants are encouraged to prepare two performance pieces with the same chosen inspiration as the subject.  The panel reserves the right to request the second performance on the day of the competition.
  3. Perform it for the judges at Noisemakers.

*You may choose to perform in honor of someone who is no longer with us.  In this case, something you have from that person, or a story as to why that person was an inspiration to you, will be accepted in lieu of proof of favor.

Winners will be tasked with organizing entertainment for Bhakail Yule, as well as organize the competition to find the Bhakail Bardic Champion the following year.

Event Hours
Site Opens: 10am
Site Closes: 6pm

Church of St. Kevin
200 West Sproul Road
Springfield, PA  19064

Pre-registration fees:
Adult members:  $12.00
Children (6-17):  $7.00

At the door:
Adult members:  $15.00
Children (6-17):  $7.00

There will be a non-member surcharge of 5.00.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA PA Inc.  – Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust



Event Steward:
Maîtresse Brunissende de Brocéliande (Mathilde Poussin)

Deputy event steward:
Baronne Sabine de Kerbriant (Wendy Gale)

Send Reservations to:
Reservations Clerk:  Baroness Philadelphia Brown
Jackie Binstead
525 South 46th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19143-2101

ACCEPS on-line reservations are now open!  Reservations can be made with a credit card by going to the ACCEPS page:
Select “East Kingdom” and then “Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust – Noisemakers Schola 9”

Other Contact Information:
To sign up to teach or ask questions about teaching, please contact Lord Ælfric FitzHugh at , preferably by March 1.

Noisemakers IX – April 12

Bonjour mes amis!

Noisemakers IX is coming up in less than two weeks, and I’d like to invite everyone to take a look at the amazing list of classes and workshops! In addition to our commedia dell’arte track, we’re excited to offer a wide array of heraldry, music, storytelling, and language classes spanning beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Please also keep in mind the performance challenges (try something new in a very supportive setting!) and our baronial bardic competition, as well as the Pellycan roadshow.

Also, the menu for Lady Livia’s Roman dayboard is now posted. Please do take a look, and be advised that some dishes will contain rue (alternate versions without rue will be available for almost all items, although the online menu may not yet reflect that).

Check out all the details at

I hope to see you on the 12th!


Photos: Court

Photos: Court

All of the photographs below are courtesy of either Violet Coleson or Brunissende Dragonette de Broceliande, and they retain all rights. Please do not use them for any purpose without prior permission. If you appear in any of these photos and do not wish them to appear on this website, please contact the Bailiwick web minister at to request removal.

Click on any picture to see the larger version.

King and Queen of the East present an award
In the SCA, Court is the center of pageantry and heraldry. In an SCA Court, the rulers of the land call together the people to hear proclamations, learn the important news of the day, and above all, watch as those who have shown themselves worthy are publicly recognized.

Baron awarding a recognition to a reknowned fencer and former ladies' champion

There are two basic types of Courts: Royal Courts, and Baronial Courts. As the Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust is part of the Barony of Bhakail, it is likely that you will attend a number of Baronial Courts. The basic rules are the same for both kinds, however.


Baron and Baroness of bhakail recognizing hard work and service

It is unlikely, though not impossible, that you will be called forward during your very first Court! Don’t panic: it’s very simple. Approach the thrones and stop to bow. You may see the end of a rug or something marking where you should stop. If not, about three or four steps away is a good rule of thumb.

Don’t worry if your bow is not fancy enough, or if you feel awkward, or if you don’t know how to do it with a flourish. The important thing is the intent to show courtesy and respect to the Crown (the King and Queen) or Coronet (the Baron and/or Baroness as the representatives of the Crown).


A fencer and craftsman kneels before the Baron and Baroness to present a gift

Then you step forward and kneel—if you can. If kneeling would cause you some distress, just quietly and politely ask if you may stand. No offense will be taken.


King and Queen of the East bestow an award

Now, unless you are there to make a presentation or the like, it is out of your hands. Being called up in Court is meant to be a pleasant, fun surprise—and you may walk away with something to show for all your efforts!

When you are done, take a couple steps back, bow again, and go back to your seat.

A final note: if you have any questions about how Court works, how to act, and so forth, ask the Heralds. It is the Heralds who are responsible for making Court run smoothly, and they are your best resource.

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