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King and Queen of the East present an award
In the SCA, Court is the center of pageantry and heraldry. In an SCA Court, the rulers of the land call together the people to hear proclamations, learn the important news of the day, and above all, watch as those who have shown themselves worthy are publicly recognized.

Baron awarding a recognition to a reknowned fencer and former ladies' champion

There are two basic types of Courts: Royal Courts, and Baronial Courts. As the Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust is part of the Barony of Bhakail, it is likely that you will attend a number of Baronial Courts. The basic rules are the same for both kinds, however.


Baron and Baroness of bhakail recognizing hard work and service

It is unlikely, though not impossible, that you will be called forward during your very first Court! Don’t panic: it’s very simple. Approach the thrones and stop to bow. You may see the end of a rug or something marking where you should stop. If not, about three or four steps away is a good rule of thumb.

Don’t worry if your bow is not fancy enough, or if you feel awkward, or if you don’t know how to do it with a flourish. The important thing is the intent to show courtesy and respect to the Crown (the King and Queen) or Coronet (the Baron and/or Baroness as the representatives of the Crown).


A fencer and craftsman kneels before the Baron and Baroness to present a gift

Then you step forward and kneel—if you can. If kneeling would cause you some distress, just quietly and politely ask if you may stand. No offense will be taken.


King and Queen of the East bestow an award

Now, unless you are there to make a presentation or the like, it is out of your hands. Being called up in Court is meant to be a pleasant, fun surprise—and you may walk away with something to show for all your efforts!

When you are done, take a couple steps back, bow again, and go back to your seat.

A final note: if you have any questions about how Court works, how to act, and so forth, ask the Heralds. It is the Heralds who are responsible for making Court run smoothly, and they are your best resource.

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