River War

Greetings all,
It is with joy and humility that I speak to you today about River War. First and foremost, I would like to say that Bhakail and her neighbors are full of some of the most talented, generous, kind and friendly people imaginable.

I arrived on site fairly late, and was given a warm welcome. Folks hung our beautiful new lanterns, and we dutifully spent the next few days stopping people so they could admire them. Both Iron Bog and Settmour Swamp have started getting ideas about lanterns of their own. The East Kingdom will soon be a sight to behold at night time. Thanks again to the Lantern crew. We should discuss running workshops in the future.

Mael Eoin and Violet had arrived earlier to start dinner; apparently, people liked the hot sauces the Baron had made, and all of the chili disappeared. Likewise Saturday morning, the breakfast burritos seemed to go over well. Thanks to all who helped with breakfast. Many thanks to Livia for being on hot water duty without being asked.

Unfortunately, due to mundane concerns, the Baron was forced to leave site early Saturday morning. He and I were both saddened that he was not able to stay. He missed you all very much, especially knowing all that was to come.

But on to more joyful things. Alesia, Muin, N’Kante, Alesone, and Katrin all answered the Queen’s Villain challenge. And Martyn did as well, in a most helpful way. He made the garb for the King, Queen and Muin. (If I missed anyone else who answered the challenge, I apologize. I am not well versed in Disney villains. Thank you to Eleanora who had a costume for Mael Eoin, only to have him disappear.) Congratulations to Katrin for winning with her very clever eels!

We had a good representation in the Arts and Sciences as well, with Muin presenting metal smithing, Angela Mori presenting leather working, Lissa demonstrating bead working and Iseault working on weaving. I’m sure there were others, and I suspect I missed things in the music pavilion. Please let me know if you presented or taught and I missed you.

In the morning, Invisible Dan, Katrin, Taldo, Astrid, Morgan and Angelica all helped me put up the pavilion for Philadelphia’s vigil. If the names Morgan and Angelica are not familiar, it’s because this was only their second event, although you would not have been able to tell. They were both dressed beautifully and eager to help in any way they could. Thank you all.
After that, Sabine organized a practice for musicians to sing for Philly’s vigil. As always, I am honored to be invited to be part of such things, and I didn’t even cry once while I was singing this time!

Most of the rest of the day was taken up by Courts, which were held at various locations throughout the site. I would like to give a special thanks to Alana Ravenstar, Gio, Eleanora and Cailin for acting as my retainers. Thanks also to Jenevieve and James who wore their Bhakail colors and sat with us during court. A special thanks to Iseault who was on hand to take note for me.

The day saw many, many Bhakailis recognized for all the outstanding work they do.

Melchoir received his Golden Rapier, and Davius was on hand from Trimaris to pass on the legacy medallion.

Alysone and Isungr were recognized as seamstresses to the Crown.

Jibril was awarded the Artemis for Combat Archery.

Reijnier is a new Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent.

(Friar) William, Livia, and Lorenzo became Companions of the Order of the Maunche.

And to top it all off, Philadelphia Brown was recognized as a Pelican.

We are both so happy to be able to see such wonderful people received such well-deserved awards. Vivant!

Sunday morning was another cooking day for Bhakail. Mael Eoin was not able to take his place as head cook for breakfast. Even so, the task was handled admirably. Violetassessed what was available and got the plans rolling on Saturday night, and Jibril added his talents and creativity to send out a breakfast made almost entirely from the leftovers from the feast.

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