Please allow me to extend my gratitude to everyone who helped make the Noisemakers dayboard happen. It was amazing. And even though I kept a list, I have a suspicion that I’ve missed a couple people. Please accept in advance my apologies and gratitude nevertheless.

In the early planning stages, I would like to thank Dame Brunissende Dragonette for nudging me to actually do my first dayboard and encouraging me along the way. Including baking several batches of bread when I was stressing over it.

Thank you to Asa in Svarta to getting excited about me doing a dayboard and running with it – from welcoming me into her kitchen at the El Cid event, to comparing recipes and sources, to coming over to my house twice in the weeks leading up to the event to help with food preparation. You are amazing.

Thanks to Meesteres Annetje van Woerden for sitting down with me at cooking gathers to talk about portioning and scope. I’d also like to thank her for talking about her desire for more lavish displays of food while I was around to hear, because that was definitely influential in my planning.

Thank you to Lord Martyn de Halliwell for being my co-conspirator. Thank you for helping with the organizing, helping me source ingredients and materials, taking me on a tour of the restaurant depot (and showing that one could buy hard boiled eggs already peeled), for transporting the baronial supplies, and for making vast quantities of the bread dough to my specifications (and being enthusiastic about it). And thanks to him for finding us a site with a large kitchen with plenty of counter space, refrigerator space, a working stove, and 2 working ovens!

Thank you to my friend Laura (who mostly just does Pennsic and only just this last weekend started pondering potential names), who supervised the baking of the bread the day of, and who was generally supportive at all times for all sorts of food adventures.

Thank you to Lord AElfric FitzHugh for making time on a busy weekend to come over and be calmly supportive while I experimented with a recipe all of whose ingredients I don’t particularly like (celery & olives) and enthusiastically taste testing the results.

An especial thanks to Lady Gisela Szabo for having the wisdom the day of to ask twice whether I would like her assistance (once when I was just unpacking, and then coming back once prep had fully begun), and then staying all the way through the end of the day to help assemble the food. She also was the one to think of prepping a tasting platter for the people working the registration table. I very much appreciate your thoughtfulness in all things.

Thank you to Lady Zhelana Tomeslavitsa for extraordinary service for coming to help while in pain because she had promised her help. Her hard work was very much appreciated.

Lady Violet Coleson offered not only her coffee expertise, but also popped off to grab a kettle when the tea drinkers were in need as well. She also helped with set up and clean up and was supportive throughout the day. Thank you.

Lady Triona MacCaskey dropped in to help with preparing dayboard, setup, keeping dishes full, and clearing away the dishes. Thank you.

Thank you Lady Jadwiga Piwowarka-Miodosytnika for coming by eager to help. She prepared the anchovy dish. And then when I gave her the diagram for the table layout was able to take that and supplies and turn the buffet into exactly what I had pictured in my mind! She also helped with refreshing and clearing the dayboard.

Thank you to Lady Joan de Vassy for also stopping by twice. Once to ask for help when I had a full kitchen, and then for returning half an hour before lunch to help with transporting dishes to the dayboard tables.

Many and numerous thanks to the kind gentle who dropped by after lunch, who only gave his name as Aethelstan, for single-handedly tackling a sink full of dishes.

And many thanks to the dishrag bardic, led by Jamilia al-Suba al-Hadid al-Bhakaila al-Sayyidda (and including at least one other cheerful person… who I didn’t remember to write down), for coming along and joining his efforts with much succor and friendship.

So thank you very much for your key parts in helping to create such a delightful dayboard.

Much love,
Lady Livia Petralia



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