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Here's an introduction to what various people are doing in this group and who to ask for advice or encouragement and how to get the resources you want. It's where to look to get involved!


This is the person in charge of welcoming newcomers. Well, we all do - but here's your first point of contact.


This is the club president. Find out more about our values and policies. Also information on awards.

Ivy Pursuivant

What is a herald and why do you care? Names! Devices (shields and other forms of display so that you can be recognized iconically)!

Minister of
Arts and Sciences

This is the person with the how and the what. This person doesn't know everything, but they'll find someone who can teach you 


Meeting minutes, news, events, topical posts, and miscellany!

On Saturday, 8/20, 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust is excited to present […]
HomeLectures and PostersManuscripts & IncunablesLocation and ParkingContact Us POSTERS The Intersection of Naalbinding and Knitting: non-woven […]
HomeLectures and PostersManuscripts & IncunablesLocation and ParkingContact Us PRESENTATIONS Swordsmanship as Theater in Elizabethan England — […]
Hail, Bhakail! Ave, Ivy! Bonjorn, Icorn! And hello to a few folks not on the local […]
Greetings! As we wrote our report for this month’s business meeting, we included the following, plus […]
Hail, Bhakail! Ave, Ivy! Bonjorn, Icorn! On Saturday, 5/9, there are TWO interesting, fun, and local […]
Gentles, It is my privilege to have been autocrat of Noisemakers X. It was a wonderful […]
In the last couple of weeks, Bhakail has hosted two very successful and very different events. […]
Hello all, I wanted to remind everyone that Noisemakers is this weekend. Here’s the event page: […]
Hello, I will be running a heraldry/Regalia quest at Noisemakers this Saturday. The quest is open […]
Next business meeting of the Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust will be Thursday, April 16th at 7pm. We’ll […]
Hello all, Here are the class descriptions for the upcoming Noisemakers Schola: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rDIM7o7YUEE1aoHEAlfXIZ3_iL2_XSpp_TKHPYyfKuI/edit?usp=sharing For the class […]
There will be an heraldic A&S challenge at Noisemakers. Bring and put on a table something […]
Hello! I wanted to pass on to you the exciting list of performance related classes at […]
Gentles! It gives me great pleasure to confirm that there will be a veritable panoply of […]