As we wrote our report for this month’s business meeting, we included the following, plus what we’ve previously sent out to the lists about Coronation and Noisemakers. The whole report is a long one, but seeing as we’ve already sent out about the other events, here’s the recap of events from the past couple of weeks and a list of upcoming events that we’ll be attending, should anyone else be considering doing so :)

Crown Tournament

Crown Tournament was a lovely day out in the Barony of An Dubhaigeainn, and we have Prince Brennan and Princess Caoilfhionn as heirs of the Kingdom once again! It was quite a momentous day for a lot of reasons, but the celebration of the historic occasion with the creation of a new Peerage was amazing to witness. The principals of the Order of Defense are Master Antonio, Master Frasier and Master Donovan and our own Lord Martyn contributed to the ceremony for the creation of the Order with a processional followed by many worthy speakers for those being elevated that day. We would like to thank Lady Katrin for being ever-present as Our retainer for the day, we would not have made it through the day without her.

Spring Thynge in Caer Adamant

The Barony had a number of folks attend Spring Thynge this past weekend, primarily in the guise of the Cross and Crescent kitcheners who were on hand to provide dayboard and contribute to the potluck feast, as requested by the Shire of Caer Adamant. It was a long, hot day of preparing and serving food for the archers, throwers, fighters and others enjoying the event, and we really enjoyed seeing everyone and helping as we could make the event a good one. Thanks to Lord Jibril, Lady Astrid, Lady Violet, Baroness Ysmay, Lord Sean, Lady Girsell and all others who pitched in or wanted to pitch in.

​Pennsic A&S War Point​

​We’re very pleased to ​hear that Lord N’Kante and Lady Lissa have been announced as Eastern representatives in the Pennsic A&S War Point! We know their works well and have extolled their virtues and talents as each have been Champions of ours recently, so we know to expect excellent representation for the Kingdom; we’ll be sure to write of their presentations as they happen! Vivant!

Baronial Progress

Given that War is looming and camping season is (somewhat suddenly) upon us, we’d like to mention events we’ll be attending; if anyone is interested in retaining for us and/or in joining Bhakailis camping at any of the camping events, please do let us know :)

5/16 Philly Renn Faire (less of an event or demo and more of a social day out)
5/29-5/31 SRWC / K&Q Archery Champions (we’ll be camping)
6/5-6/7 Artisan’s Village (we’ll be camping)
6/13 Iron Bog Investiture / K&Q Rattan Champions
6/19-6/21 East Kingdom War Camp (we’ll be camping)
7/10-7/12 Great North Eastern Warn (Mael Eoin will be camping)

It has been such a busy month, if we have missed anything, we do apologize. In looking out to the rest of the year, with upcoming events and everyone’s various planned
activities​, if you want to comment on award recommendations, are interested in retaining or getting involved more in any way, have praise for folks we should hear and pass on or the like, please do let us know. We’re amazed and honored to have so many members and friends of the Barony who are contributing in many, many ways to not only the Barony, Bailiwick and Canton but also the Region, Kingdom and Society. We enjoy extolling the virtues and accomplishments of everyone and are glad to do all we can to encourage and support all good works as we can :)

In Service,
+Signum Eugenii Discipuli Bhakailorum Baronis​
​Ysmay de Lynn, Baroness​
​of Bhakail​



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