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Swordsmanship as Theater in Elizabethan England
Lord Lorenzo Gorla
Members of the Masters of the Science of Defense displayed their skill for advancement in their guild with public prize fights. How can we use the London Masters and their prize fights as an example for displays of arms and tournaments in the SCA?

Queen Arégonde’s clothingDame Brunissende Dragonette
In 1959, archeological searches under the Basilic of Saint Denis1, next to Paris, allowed the discovery of a sarcophagus (#49) containing a feminine burial exceptional both by the objects it contained but also the level of conservation of the organic materials. A gold ring bearing the name ARNEGUNDIS and a central monogram interpreted as REGINE allowed to identify it as the sarcophagus of the queen Arégonde. Arégonde is mentioned by Grégoire de Tours as one of the wives of Clotaire I (511-561) and the mother of Chilperic. That grave is dated to 580 and the age of the defunct estimated to 61 +/- 3 years (Périn, Calligaro et al. 2005). Interpretations of the elements of clothing for Arégonde have been described mainly by Fleury & France-Lanord, in 1998, and Perrin in 2009. The presentation will go through a short overview of what is known and interpretations of the clothing.

Interactive Manuscripts Lady Lianor de Matos
There was an app for that in the Middle Ages! Before iPhones or tablets, people created dials and volvelles to help store and access information. Found in medical, astronomy, and even logic and rhetoric texts, these interactive manuscripts were an important part of scholarly culture.

Felbrigge Psalter: a 14th Century embroidered book cover  — Mistress Avelyn Blakenye
This will be a presentation about the Felbrigge Psalter embroidered book cover, the oldest known embroidered book cover. I will discuss it’s creation and significance and will display my reproduction of the front cover.

Three Anglo-Saxon Glass Bead Strings – Mistress Elysabeth Underhill
Discussion of the social meaning of glass beads in Anglo-Saxon England as reflected in three bead strings from the same cemetery.

Evolution and Application of Humoral Theory in the Medieval Kitchen – Magister Galefridus Peregrinus

Oh The Places You Will Go: Perseverance in Research – Lady Judith bas Rabbi Mendel
My journey and struggles with learning about medieval Passovers and the foods served. Overcoming battles with moldy wine, hockey puck matzah, bewildering Hebrew, and lack of artistic skill–how grit and perseverance play a major role in researching a difficult topic that (to the best of my knowledge) no one else in the SCA is studying.

Bookmarks and Bindings: Research in Progress – Baroness Christina Jenevra de Carvalhal
How we use books has a tremendous impact on how they are made and how we interact with them. Binding styles reflect the anticipated purpose of the book, but may also reflect prevailing fashion. Marking a place in a medieval book was just as ad hoc, effective and damaging as it is today. Reproductions of binding styles and extant bookmarks will be presented.



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