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4/26 A&S

The Chain Mail class teacher has cancelled, but the brass hooks teacher has graciously rescheduled to fill this date!

How to make brass hooks and eyes for all your clothing needs!
Hooks and eyes were a staple of clothing from 16th century to modern day.
They have been found in archeological digs from London to Jamestown, shipwrecks from Spain, and are throughout the Janet Arnold books.
This class will teach you how to make hooks and eyes from brass wire for your own use.
Materials will be supplied. Feel free to bring your own.
Small round nose pliers (used for jewelry making)
Wire cutters.
20 gauge brass wire or any other wire if you want (found in most hobby/craft stores).

Cost would be $2 a student. 10 spots are available but more can sit in if they bring their own materials.

Teacher : Lord
Erhart Von Stuttgart

RSVP: to Annetje
As always, when the class fills up, a waiting list will be maintained.

The care and feeding of your Archer class 3/29

The care and feeding of your Archer

This class will go over the basics of being an archer, making arrows, making bow strings, stringing bows. All of the things you can learn BEFORE you step out onto the range for the first time.

For those interested in more advanced archery, there will be instruction in setting up and tuning your equipment.

Cost: $10- You will be learning to make arrows which will then be donated to the Barony to loan.
Class size max is 12 people.

Class will be from 12-5 pm on March 29, 2015.

Teacher: Lord Mungu Chinua, OSAG,Master Bowman

Beginner’s Calligraphy Workshop 2/7/15

There will be a beginners Calligraphy workshop occurring on Saturday,February 7th, at 3pm at the Wolff Residence.

Reijnier Verplanck will teach you about the tools of calligraphy, basics in strokes and technique.

If you are just starting out or are looking for hands-on tips and techniques to improve your beginner’s hand, this workshop is for you!

There is no cost for the class. You can bring the tools you wish to use as well.

Please RSVP so that we have enough materials on hand to practice with

Bhakail A&S Mistress