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Mark your calendar! The annual Madrigal Dinner is on Friday, 2/26/16.

Ave, Ivy! Just a head’s up that our annual “field trip” to the Madrigal Dinner at Drexel University will be held on Friday, 2/26/16, at 7:30 p.m., and that this year will be a little different.

We’ll still be attending in garb, and we’ll still hear lovely Renaissance music by the Drexel Chamber Singers, but instead of a full dinner, only light refreshments will be offered at the Friday night’s concert, and it will be a more informal performance. Our discounted ticket price per person for Friday will be only $13.50.

If you prefer to attend the Saturday, 2/27/16, concert, that will still be a full Elizabethan dinner, at the regular cost.

If you’re interested in attending the Friday night concert/snacks, please let me know.

Thanks! – Philly



Press – article in the Daily Pennsylvanian

getting together for a bardic circle at a member's house

For these knights in shining armor, SEPTA is their steed

In addition to fencing, the Penn chapter participates in calligraphy workshops, Renaissance dance lessons and “bardic circles” (read more at the Daily Pennsylvanian site)

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