Wrightstown Faire, Sept 21-22


We’ve mentioned this at the past couple of business meetings and it’s been in The Salamander (note: PDF link), but we wanted to get the word out a bit more and see if we could pull in more participants. The Wrightstown Faire – an annual fundraiser for a library in the Shire of Buckland Cross – will be happening again this year, September 21st and 22nd. Ysmay and I had a wonderful time last year: the fencing and fighting demonstrations, the medieval games tent, the A&S tents where classes and demonstrations here held…

This year, we’ve been invited specifically to participate in a larger way, not just locally but the SCA’s participation as a whole is hoped to be bigger. We are not just invited to participate, though, but also to *camp*! We can set up on Friday and camp through Sunday; during the day, of course, the focus is on the public event, but after hours, we’re welcome to stay and camp. We can have as much space as we need, especially if we are offering activities, classes, entertainments, etc. and *especially* if we’re catering to younger audiences. Merchants are also welcome, but should coordinate with the organizer as he wants to make sure that there’s no conflict in offerings, etc.

We’ll be looking to set up tournaments of some sort, to encourage fighting and fencing, so we encourage all fighters and fencers to consider participating for service and glory. Spending some extra time to explain arms and armor – whether SCA or historic – would be *greatly* appreciated. A&S should also be well-represented; anything that could be interactive would be excellent, but anything we can show and talk on would be appreciated, as well.

For those who participate, whether you wish to camp or not, dinner will be provided following the close of the site on Saturday as well as Friday night (for setup and/or just hanging out) and Sunday we’ll see whether lunch or dinner makes more sense, if everyone will be more interested in tearing down than staying late following the close of the Faire.

Depending on what we can offer as participation, we can command as much space as we need, up to and including a choice spot in front of the main entrance, if we’re appealing enough ;)

We encourage all to consider participating, as much or as little as possible, for service to a worthy charity and to the SCA in doing this. Anyone wishing to participate – especially with demonstrations, classes, fighting, fencing and the like – please reach out to me, Mael Eoin, as soon as possible. Even if you’re not comfortable with the public, please consider participating; we can have someone else help with interacting with the public :) (Such as myself: I can do little by way of A&S but I can talk up a crowd.)

For any and all who choose to participate, we thank you in advance!

In Service,
Mael Eoin mac Echuid & Ysmay de Lynn
Baron & Baroness of Bhakail

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