If anyone has been considering joining us for the Faire in a couple of weeks, it’ll be a great chance to practice your crafts and skills, show off your projects, fence (and hopefully fight), etc. We’re looking forward to hanging out with everyone after the Faire closes, too, with dinner provided, glow-in-the-dark bocce planned and – hopefully – music and dancing :)

Some of us will be going up Friday night for setup (and to kick off hanging out) and a number of us will be there both Saturday and Sunday. Overall, I expect we currently have about 30 SCAdians planning on participating (though not all camping and/or not all for both days) with about half being from the Barony.

I’ll be sending out an email with the code and link for discount tickets for anyone attending the for the weekend. Anyone *not* doing both Saturday and Sunday (whether camping or day-tripping both days) shouldn’t use the discount, as it’s not a savings on a one-day admission (and, in fact, carries a $1 surcharge for online processing), so it’s only a discount on two days.

So, if you’d like to come out for a day or two, camping or otherwise, please do :) We’ll have plenty of activities on both Saturday and Sunday and no one has to do any more than they want, with plenty of breaks and such :) Any and all participation is appreciated, whether as garbed scenery, behind-the-scenes support, simply sitting and showing something off in a display or actively teaching or leading activities…big and small, we need it all :)

In Service,
Mael Eoin



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