The Newest Ars Scientia Orientalis

The Newest Ars Scientia Orientalis, the quarterly Arts & Sciences publication of the East is now online!

Cooking from Medieval Recipes, a Very Simple Introduction by Mistress Brunissende Dragonette
Music-Dramas in the Medieval Church by Mistress Alys Mackyntoich
Observations on an Elizabethan Blackwork Smock by Countess Ianthé d’Averoigne
Insights Into the Use of Astrology In the European Middle Ages by Xanthippe Ouranina
Period vs. Periodesque: Considerations for Creating Arts and Science Projects by Baroness Rainillt de Bello Marisco
Philosophies of Recreation by Lady Elizabeth Underhill
Praise of the East: Seasons by Mistress Dorigen of the Gray Gate


– Annetje

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