Tavern Talks – June 8th

Friends, Scadians, Gentles of all kith!

I wanted to remind the world that we will be holding the second edition of Tavern Talks in Ivyeinrust this Sunday (3-5pm) at a pleasant pub in West Philadelphia, the City Tap House (citytaphouse.com). We’re going to be a City Tap House, a pub/restaurant in West Philly. It is located on the north side of Walnut Street between 39th and 40th Streets, on the 2nd floor balcony of the Radian Building. Enter through the street-level door between Capo Giro and Jimmy Johns and take the elevator to the 2nd floor. It’s tucked away, but this allows them to have a whole roof worth of pleasant open-air fire pits. Please see following the main text for directions!

Last month, we had three speakers who each spoke for 10 minutes after each of which we had a lively 20 minute discussion.. This month we are going to try something a little different. We have one speaker, Lord Reijnier Verplanck, who will be talking about his research and work on period optics.

After this talk, I’d like to propose a round table topic that we can kick around, each of us bringing our own perspectives, expertise, and most importantly questions to the table (which will be laden, I hope, with some of the many fine brews the pub has on tap and bottled). The topic I would propose is this: Left-overs!

Broadly writ, I’d like to think and talk about scraps, byproducts, and secondary production, both intellectual and physical. How did the various cultures deal with leftovers and byproducts in various media, including knowledge production? What did they do to maximize material or effort? How do you in your recreation of medieval methods of craft and inquiry maximize scraps and byproducts? Do you feel your methods are period practice? Non-period practice, but period in mindset? Or do you have a trick that is entirely non-period, but really useful? Bring your thoughts and a hand-held craft that you don’t mind being near food, and let’s discuss!


there is a paid parking lot on the northwest corner of 40th & Walnut (entrance on Walnut) attached to the Fresh Grocer.
$11 for the first hour
$2 each additional hour
up to a $30 maximum

Street parking on campus is restricted for campus move out days, but there is FREE street parking (even on the major streets) once you are as far west as 42nd Street. Again, pay attention to signs for loading areas, driveways, hydrants, and other impediments to free and easy parking.

via train – 30th Street Station – (served by all of SEPTA’s regional rail and Amtrak) which is fourteen blocks (1.5 miles) away, but also directly adjacent to the 30th Street stop for the Market/Franford Line and the Subway-Surface trolleys (there is an elevator to the platforms)

Market-Frankford line – to the 40th & Market stop. Walk 2 blocks south along Walnut. Cross Walnut and find us next to the Rave Movie Theater

Via trolley – Take the #11, #13, #34, or #36 Subway-Surface Trolleys to the 40th & Baltimore portal. Walk 4 blocks north along 40th, to Walnut. Turn left and find us next to the movie theater.

Via bus – Take routes #21 or #40 to the 40th & Walnut stop, cross the street, and find us next to the Bridge, or take route 42 to 40th & Spruce. Walk 2 blocks north along 40th, to Walnut. Turn left.

Ælfric FitzHugh
Minister of Arts & Sciences
Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust

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