Tavern talks – would you like to speak?


Do you have something that you’ve been researching intensively and want to spread the word? Have you gotten so embroiled in a topic that you want to air it out and get advice? Have you tried something that you’ve not found anyone else doing? We are interested in topics that run the gamut of our hobby.

We’d love to hear from you. The format is a 10 minute informal presentation followed by 20 minutes of convivial conversation, all at a pleasant pub. Our general meeting schedule is the 2nd Sunday of each month (though we’re skipping August for obvious reasons). Our June 8th meeting could use another speaker, and we are eager to create a list of general interest for meetings in July and throughout the Fall. So if you have a topic, but don’t think you’d be ready until October, let us know! We’re looking to the future, so that would be perfect. Likewise, if you could do something on the 8th of June that would be great.

May the sun shine upon your paths!

Ælfric FitzHugh
Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust

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