Piffaro group excursion

Bonjour mes amis!

If anyone is interested in a group trip to the Piffaro/Laughing Bird concert of vocal and instrumental Italian Renaissance music on either Friday, May 15 or Saturday, May 16, with discounted tickets, please speak up now (see info below). Also, if members of the Hartshorn-dale, Buckland Cross, and Caer Adamant lists could pass this along to those groups, I’d appreciate it!

>”In Celebration of a 16th Century Master: Honoring the 500th anniversary of the birth of Cipriano de Rore. Though not a household name today, Cipriano de Rore had a decisive influence on sacred and secular composition throughout Europe. His bold experiments in chromaticism and highly expressive style took the madrigal into uncharted territory and made an indelible mark on subsequent composers, including Claudio Monteverdi. Philadelphia’s Renaissance vocal quintet, The Laughing Bird, will join Piffaro in celebrating the works of this remarkable musical genius.”

I heard Laughing Bird the last time they performed with members of Piffaro, and it was an *amazing* experience — I highly recommend this upcoming concert if you enjoy vocal music, instrumental music, or both. In addition, there will be a reception following the concert, in honor both of de Rore’s birthday and the end of the annual Piffaro season. We’ve been invited to attend in garb, if we’d like.


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