Rapier Combat

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In the Society for Creative Anachronism, one of the popular combat-related activities is “Rapier”. Rather than being an art of War, it recreates civilian, unarmored combat of the Renaissance, the antecedent to today’s sport of fencing. Unlike modern-style fencing, however, SCA rapier combatants fence “in the round”, with movement allowed in all directions rather than in a straight line, and the equipment is closer to Renaissance weaponry than modern equipment. While SCA Rapier combatants wear protection, they are assumed to be in “street clothes” of the period. Rapier practices are held regularly in this area, and you will find many who are eager to teach you.


If you decide to give it a try, we will start you out on something easy!


Once you have mastered the basics and you have the required safety equipment, you can start practicing against a live opponent, under the watchful eye of someone with more experience.


Then comes the real fun: once you have “authorized”, or demonstrated to the officers that you understand the rules and can follow them safely, you can take part in tournaments, duels, and melees.


With practice comes blinding speed!

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