On Sunday, 4/15, from 12:30 to 2 p.m., m’lord Shigüsütei (mka Natso) will still be teaching a free intro class on the Classical Mongolian Script and its alphabets.

Unfortunately, there will now be a large crane working on the original building, which will take up some of the metered street parking on Walnut Street and which will close the building.

But the new building is only a few yards away. The new classroom is Seminar Room B in the GORGEOUS Fisher Fine Arts Library https://www.facilities.upenn.edu/maps/locations/fisher-fine-arts-library-anne-and-jerome. The Fisher Fine Arts Library is located at 220 South 34th Street, between Walnut and Spruce Streets. The back of the building is on 34th Street, so you have to go around the building to enter through its main entrance. The main entrance has several steps in order to enter into the building. To use the accessible entrance, please contact Livia at exchequer at Ivyeinrust dot EastKingdom dot org beforehand so she can meet you at the accessible entrance with her keycard.

To get to Seminar Room B from the main entrance of the Fisher Fine Arts Library, go through the double doors leading into the Fine Arts library and let the security guard know you are here for the class in Seminar Room B. Please note that this is a GORGEOUS but very quiet library. The Seminar Room is on a separate floor within the Fine Arts Library, so we won’t need to be as quiet during the class.

If you do not have a Penn ID, please send your modern name to Livia to add to the security guard’s list. Her e-mail address is exchequer at Ivyeinrust dot EastKingdom dot org.

Please note that there is also no parking attached to this new building, but on a Sunday there is usually plenty of metered street parking on Chestnut, Walnut, 33rd, and sometimes on 34th Street.

See you Sunday! – Philly 215-387-5825




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