Help the East, Enjoy Beauty, and Enlighten Friends

Greetings all,

Would you like to help the East, enjoy the beautiful work of our kingdom’s artisans or share the unique aspects of the SCA with others? Want to explain what you do on your weekends to relatives? Show a friend why they should come to an event? Enjoy the beauty of your hobby in the middle of your work days? Order The Labours of The East, a 2015 calendar or note cards!

The calendar was created by the East’s scribes to support the Royal Travel Fund. Each month features a poem about an SCA activity with an illumination. The poetry is by Master Christian von Jaueregk. The magnificent scribal and calligraphic art is by Mistress Rhonwen glyn Conwy; Lady Lada Monguligin; Lady Sakura’i no Kesame; Mistress Eleanore MacCarthaigh; Mistress Ro Honig von Summerfeldt with Mistress Carolyne de laPointe; Mistress Eva Woderose; Lady Palotzi Marti; Baroness Emma Makilmone; Dona Camille des Jardins with Mistress Carolyne de la Pointe; Dona Isabel Chamberlaine; Mistress Khioniya Nikolaevna Ryseva;and Lady Lisabetta Medalia with Mistress Eleanor Catlyng.

Bhakail has sponsored the month of September which is about Brewing, with an illumination by Doña Camille des Jardins.

To see the artwork and order yours, go to


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