Bailiwick Business Meeting – Thursday, July 17, 2014 – 7-8pm

Last business meeting before Pennsic!

Meeting with be help in the Meyerson Conference Room on the second floor of Van Pelt Library (3420 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19143). The front door to the building is from the inside of the block, up the steps behind the broken button sculpture. There is also an accessibility door to the right of the button sculpture. People who do not have a University of Pennsylvania ID are welcome and encouraged to join us, but we ask that you bring a photo ID, are willing to have our security photograph you, and send me your name so I can give the door guards a list of who we are expecting (though they will also have my phone number should you decide to come last minute).

Meeting agenda

  • Sensechal report
  • Exchequer report
  • MoAS report
  • Chatelaine report

Ongoing business

  • update on Noisemakers X
  • update on Bhakail Yule
  • other upcoming events we are helping to create?
  • other upcoming events we are attending (and maybe able to carpool to)

Meeting focus – Newcomers!
If you’re new (our newly returning to being active, or just still feeling a bit new) and in the area and looking for a place to get started, please come join us.

Also focusing on the new school year’s activity fairs.

(Might move talking about the website to this party of the meeting to see about making it as newcomer friendly as possible.)

– Livia Petralia

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