Arranging a fabric-buying field trip before the Rus garb workshops?

Hail, Bhakail! Ave, Ivy! Bonjorn, Icorn!

On Saturday 1/10 at 1 p.m., a few of us will be meeting at Jack B. Fabrics at 748 South 4th Street (4th and Fitzwater – a few blocks south of South Street) in Philadelphia to purchase fabric for the medieval Russian garb workshop series starting on Monday, 1/12.

Whether you’re attending the garb workshop(s) or not, you are welcome to join us for this fabric-shopping field trip. There are several other fabric stores on 4th Street between Fitzwater and South Streets, so if we don’t find what we need at Jack B., then we’re sure to at one of the other nearby stores.

The # 57 bus stops across the street from this store, and there are several pay parking lots and garages within a few blocks (mostly closer to South Street or on 3rd Street), if you’re unable to find a meter parking spot.

See you this Saturday at 1 p.m. at Jack B. Fabrics!

– Philly

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