Agenda for Wed 11/16, 7 p.m., Business Mtg in Van Pelt Library (Meyerson Conference Room)

The next business meeting of the Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust will be on Wednesday, 11/16, at 7 p.m.

We’ll be in the usual room (Meyerson Conference Room) on the second floor of Van Pelt Library (3420 Walnut Street). If you are not a member of the UPenn community or have not attended one of our meetings before, please send an email with your modern name. I’ll put you on the list for the security guards, and you will need a photo ID to enter.


Seneschal report
* results from the November 15th Baronial Meeting
* remembering Lord Wulfgang Gruenwald
* statement on non-discrimination

Exchequer report
MoAS report
Herald report
Webminister report
Chatelaine report

Upcoming Baronial events
* Saturday, December 10th – Bhakail Yule
* Saturday, January 28th – At the Sign of the Bear and Phoenix

Upcoming events at UPenn Libraries
* Thursday, November 17 through Saturday, November 19th – 9th Annual Lawrence J. Schoenberg Symposium on Manuscript Studies in the Digital Age
* Friday, December 9th, 6:15-8pm – Daedalus Quartet – “Music as Translation” – Van Pelt Library, 6th floor – Music in the Pavilion
* Friday, February 10th, 6:15-8pm – Les Canard Chantants – “Sex, Drugs, and Madrigals” – Van Pelt Library, 6th floor – Music in the Pavilion

Upcoming events at UPenn Museum
* Monday, November 14th, 6-7pm – Vikings, Pioneers, and Natives : The Kensington Rune Stone and the Contested History of the American Mid-West
* Saturday, November 18th, 2-3pm – New Discoveries in Ancient Turkey
* only until Sunday, November 27th! – The Golden Age of King Midas exhibit will soon be closing.
* Thursday, December 1, 12:30-1:30 pm – The Memory of Property : Decolonial Futures for Ethnographic collections?
* Thursday, December 8, 6:30-9pm – DIY Craft Night : Turkish Scarves

Upcoming events at Drexel
* Friday & Saturday, February 24-25, 7:30-9:30pm – Annual Madrigal Dinner

Upcoming local SCA events (rideshares?)
* Saturday, November 19 – 100 Minutes War
* Saturday, December 10th – Bhakail Yule
* Saturday, January 21st – Owlsherst Country Twelfth Night
* Saturday, January 28th – At the Sign of the Bear and Phoenix
* Saturday, February 25th – Cook Thynge: The Long Night

Looking forward to seeing you there!

The next meeting will also be in the Meyerson Conference Room, on Thursday, December 15th, at 7:30 pm.

– Livia Petralia
Seneschal at Ivyeinrust dot EastKingdom dot org

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