February 2018 Bailiwick Meeting Minutes Summary

Meeting Started: 7:45pm             Meeting Ended: 8:45pm

In Attendance: Brunissende Dragonette, Philadelphia Brown, Geoffert of the Lone Oak, Martyn de Halliwell, Livia Petralia, Xanthippe Ouranina, Märkus of Bhakail.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 21st at 7:30pm in Meyerson Conference Room at Van Pelt Library.

Old Business

  1. KHWSS Bid – Bruni and the Bailiwick had been considering a possible bid for Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium for 2019, but recent bids from An Tir and Avacal have come in, and as neither Kingdom has held KWHSS before it was determined by consensus that we would not pursue a bid at this time, though it is something we would be interested in doing in the future – to include the Penn Rare Books Library.
  2. Craft & Chat – (Bruni) More of these will be scheduled and appear on the Bailiwick calendar.
  3. Bank Signatories – (Livia) A new signature card is required. Livia has a form from Kingdom and Martyn will get her the additional information she needs for the new signatories from the Bailiwick; the Kingdom Exchequer will also be a signatory on the account, as required. Signers from the Bailiwick will be: Livia, Martyn, Philly, and Bruni.
  4. Zip Codes – We have requested 19131 and 19151 from the Barony via the Barony’s Zip Code Committee – possibly two additional zip codes to be added, that are likely new (to USPS) zip codes in the city proper. Martyn will contact Mael Eoin (head of zip code committee) and report back next month with more information.

New Business

  1. Post-Pennsic Social – to be held in the Bailiwick in late August; very informal, non-event. Meant to be a space for those who were at Pennsic and those who couldn’t attend to get together to chat, share knowledge, possibly play music, etc. – discussed possible location: the Hall of Flags at Penn. Martyn will check with Barony about possible scheduling conflicts; afterwards Livia and/or Philly will see which room(s) is (are) available.
  2. Return of City Social – (Martyn) there will be a new City Social hosted by the Bailiwick – the location will be the common room of Martyn’s new apartment building at 47th & Walnut (220 S. 47th – West Lofts). The space is free to reserve; Martyn is just waiting on permission from new building management company that comes in on March 1st. Plan is to have on 4th Fridays.
  3. Penn Student Activities Day Demo – It was decided by consensus that the Bailiwick should put a full effort behind securing space and participating at Penn’s Fall Student Activities Day. Discussion included gathering ready-for-calligraphy bookmarks, business cards (with contact info, bailiwick email list, Facebook page, etc.), seeing if any of our martial participants would be willing to actively participate in the Demo, etc. Discussion of what has or has not worked in the past happened as well; possible solutions were discussed. Demo to be coordinated by the Officers of the Bailiwick.
  4. Bailiwick Facebook Page – to be created so any Bailiwick event can have additional reach beyond the Kingdom, Barony, and Bailiwick web pages. Martyn and Philly will be admins. This will need to be maintained by members of the Bailiwick with Facebook accounts. A Facebook Group was discussed, but decided against via consensus, in favor of creating a page.
  5. Moving Bailiwick EMail List – Martyn will contact the Kingdom Webminister’s Office to have the existing yahoo group migrated to an official lists.eastkingdom.org email list. Members will be moved over automatically, and a members-only archive will be available on the new list. This was agreed to with strong consensus of those present.
  6. Scribal Schola – to be held in the Bailiwick in late September/October. Livia will reach out to Rare Books Library to see about scheduling for use of library and conference rooms for C&I practical classes. Martyn will contact Mistress Eva Woderose (Tyger Clerk of the Signet Deputy for Scholas) about reaching out to teachers and possibly organizing classes for the event. It was mentioned that it would be good to have an event on the Bailiwick’s calendar to point to for students to attend following the Penn Activities Day Demo in the fall. There is a scribal schola planned in Caer Adamant in April, but it was determined by consensus that this was enough time between events to warrant organizing something. The EKU was discussed briefly, but as its current state is unknown, we will be going through the Signet’s office to organize as a schola.

Officer Reports

  1. Seneschal – (Martyn) I am now officially rostered as Seneschal of the Bailiwick and Bruni is officially warranted as Minister of Arts & Sciences. Martyn will be bringing a “Bailiwick Customs” document to the March meeting. Will work with Livia and Philly to get Financial Policy posted to Ivyeinrust website as well.
  2. Exchequer – (Livia) Gathering information to obtain a new signature card for our bank account.
  3. MoAS – (Bruni) Need to schedule more Craft & Chats. Report not due until March.
  4. Chatelaine – (Philly) Nothing to report.
  5. Webminister – (Philly) Officers updated on Bailiwick website.

Report From the Barony

  1. Martyn attended the February Bhakail business meeting last week. He read Philly’s report as out-going Seneschal.
  2. Additional zip codes to be transferred from the Barony “proper” to the Bailiwick were discussed briefly at the meeting. Martyn will follow-up with Mael Eoin and report back next month.
  3. The Barony is looking for people interested in coordinating events for Thrown Weapons Championship & a possible Bhakail Commons with possible Armored and Rapier Champions events.
  4. The Barony has received a nominee for their open Minister of Arts & Sciences position, and a call for a new Webminister is coming out soon. Martyn reminded everyone that he will be stepping down as Chamberlain in June; if anyone is interested in the position, please contact him.


In service to the Bailiwick


Bailiff of Ivyeinrust

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