When pondering what to teach, you may be asking yourself, “I know the University of Pennsylvania must have some really cool stuff, but how do I know what’s there?”

OPenn is our online digital archive of scanned manuscripts, including creative commons licensing information for each item and how to cite images should you decide to take your studies here into writing an article for publication.


We have a youtube channel!  And on Manuscript Mondays, we have a video to introduce you to highlights of the collection. Feel free to lose a couple days going through these videos and the links –

There are also great teasers at our Manuscript tumblr –

And then if you want manuscripts presented more like a mystery, head over to our Provenance Online Project to help us learn more about the collection. (and here’s the flickr feed)

While not always relevant to our period of time, you can also have a look at more highlights of our entire rare book collection by browsing through Unique at Penn.

There are so many amazing things here! And on August 20th, they are welcoming the Society for Creative Anachronisms to come and appreciate their diverse resources. We hope you will join us.

Accessing Rare Books at the University of Pennsylvania