Ivyeinrust is the only remaining Bailiwick in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and serves as an integral part of the Barony of Bhakail in the Southern Region of the East Kingdom. You are welcome to participate at any level or location that is interesting to you.

Membership is not required to participate. Some activities will require liability waivers. Many events will have a fee to offset the costs of organizing and hosting events. Sometimes smaller workshops will have an activities fee. But if you have financial hardships, please talk to the organizers and often fees can be waived. This can be an expensive hobby (what with buying materials to make various projects), but it does not have to be. If you would like to become a member, then you can: get discounts ($10 off) on event admission fees, hold offices, vote in Baronial pollings, and more.

We welcome everyone. We work hard to make our events, activities, and communications accessible to as many people as possible. We welcome families and attempt to keep things interesting, engaging, and safe for young people. We understand that we are engaging with an area of interest that some people use today for political rhetoric of discrimination, so we actively welcome and support people of all races, sexes, religions, national origins, genders, orientations, ages, and levels of ability. Our core values include dealing fairly with others, and valuing and respecting the worth and dignity of all individuals. We have a DEIB office with resources. We do not tolerate hate speech, and we have policies and plans for dealing with harassment & bullying as well as sexual misconduct. And, if necessary for the safety of the group members, we have an enforced policy of sanctioning and banning people who make others less safe. If you believe you have been discriminated against, sexually harassed, bullied, or subjected to hate speech, there is help and the first step is to tell us about it. Contact your Kingdom Seneschal or the President of the SCA.

We recognize excellence. When you see someone doing really nifty research or teaching an engaging class or helping others feel welcome or organizing a project, we believe that should be recognized. You can tell them they are awesome. You can give them a physical token – doesn’t have to be anything expensive – to show them your appreciation. From the Baronial level to the Kingdom level to Society-wide awards (that are still written in at the Kingdom level) for rapier and martial excellence, service excellence, and arts & sciences excellence, you can write people in to be given handcrafted scrolls that are presented in court for formal recognitions.

If you have any questions about the Society for Creative Anachronism laws and rules and forms, the Seneschal has all of those resources.