Roman Cooking Workshop – October 2011

Email me if you’d like my address and directions to join me for the Roman Cooking Workshop.

There are going to be two brand new people giving this SCA thing a spin, and there will be a delivery of fresh green growing herbs for cooking.

I am so excited about this cooking workshop, that I’d also like to offer that other people may come, too, and I can set up a few tables for A&S project. If anyone would like to use my sewing machine, I can set that up as well.

I’ll be shopping on Saturday, but the current plan is to have many dishes with fresh vegetables, one with a chicken (or a rabbit, if I can find a fresh one), and possibly a dish of lentils & chestnuts. Here – have a look at the Latin and translations here –

WHEN: Sunday, October 23rd – 2-6pm
WHERE: my house – email for address/directions

– Livia Petralia