Schedules are tight this time of year, but we’ve managed to schedule 3 more future meetings for Latin translating.

We’re reading the Cena Trimalchionis, which is a fun excerpt from Petronius’ Satyricon. You do not need to know anything about Latin to join. Pretty much, it’s just looking up words, poking just a little at the grammar, and then peeking at other people’s translations until we find a way to translate the Latin that makes sense.

The plan will be to hold meetings at Livia Petralia’s house (address available by request off list only) unless there’s a request for a different location and a commitment to show up because it’s not always

Sunday, March 17th
Sunday, April 7
Sunday, April 21

from 2:30 until 5pm.

If you would like to bring reference materials, feel free. I’m pretty sure I can have at least one copy of everything we’ll need on hand.

– Livia Petralia