June 22 is almost upon us, (OK so it isn’t, what’s your point?) and I wanted to draw your attention to the upcoming event, Something Fishy This Way Comes VI. For those of you who have not attended this event I will extol the wonders of this grand day of fencing, fighting, eating and arts and science.

Firstly, the site for this phenomenal day is the historic Fort Mifflin. Fencers will not be fighting around the outside of the walls, but on the very ramparts. There are portcullis to be defended and passage ways to be held. If my words are not enough, journey to the link provided and see the glory that shall be available for your dueling pleasure. http://www.thebrandywine.com/photoop/fort_mifflin10.html

Secondly, fighters will have the run of the grounds on which there will be two tournaments. One for the title of Lord of the Rivers and the second for the title of Baronial Champion. http://www.thebrandywine.com/photoop/fort_mifflin9.html

Thirdly, a very tasty day board will be provided by the beauteous Lady Shannon Gallowglass that will consist of cold roast beef, ham, breads, butters, cheeses and fresh fruits and few additional surprises. The dayboard fee is but the tiny price of $5. We will also provide disposable feast gear.

Fourthly, you can bring your pooch.

Fifthly, the site closes early (4:00 p.m.) which gives you plenty of time to get home or attend a post revel.

If I have not convinced you to attend this classic event, then I will be forced to post again next month.

See you there,
Olrik van Lubbeke
April 15, 2002