Something Fishy This Way Comes X

Upon the list field at Something Fishy This Way Comes X (PAST EVENT)
(, on the day of
Saint Cecilius, 3rd of June, 2006, the Bhakail Baronial Rapier
Championship shall be held.

The format is thus:

Championship of the Barony shall be limited to those residing within
the Barony or within a group upon her borders. As per tradition for
this Championship, there shall be 3 competitions. 1st place in each
will receive 10 points; 2nd place will receive 5 points. The
Championship shall go to the gentle from within the above area who
scores the highest overall.

There shall also be a nice prize bestowed to the highest-scoring
gentle lady or gentleman no matter where they reside.

The 1st competition shall be a double-elimination tournament. Each
combatant may purchase a 3rd life (but no more) with a toy or money
donation for Toys for Tots. Please note that only one life may be

The 2nd competition shall be won by the merits of each combatant, as
seen by his or her peers upon the field that day. Each participating
combatant and marshal shall receive 2 beads: 1 blue, 1 red. Each may
choose to gift the blue bead to the combatant who they believe
displays the greatest courtesy and honor on the field that day. Each
may also choose to bestow the red bead upon the combatant who gives
the single most *fun* fight to play or to witness. Combatants and
marshals should gift beads to combatants solely for merits found on
the field this Championship day. The 1st and 2nd place winners of
this competition shall have the highest counts of beads. Blue and red
beads shall count the same.

The 3rd competition shall be won by the merits of each combatant, as
perceived by Their Excellencies of Bhakail, Baron Lorcan Dracontius
and Baroness Scheherazade al-Zahira. To the combatants who most
impress Their Excellencies go the 1st and 2nd places in this

The list will open for sign-in and inspections at 10:30 am, and the
tourney will begin at 11 am.

Adorn thyself in finery, choose thy weapon, sharpen thy wit, and come
out and have some fun.

In service,

Lady Katryne Blak

Bhakail Baronial Rapier Champion
Provost, Tadcaster Militia, LoRA