Noisemakers: A Music and Heraldry Schola

Hail, Bhakail!

I’d like to publicly thank the many people who helped with the Noisemakers Schola (PAST EVENT):

Madame Brunissende for the delicious dayboard and organizing all those wonderful heraldry teachers;

Lady Sabine for running the excellent concert and organizing all those wonderful music teachers;

All those outstanding, generous, talented teachers and performers;

Damiana, Lady Arlyn, and Woolly for Gatekeeping;

Master Rashid, Lady Lissa, Lady Violet, Lady Katya, Juraj, Seamus, Genvieve, Lord Darmon, Lady Juliana, and Berrick for kitchen crew and/or dayboard
support work;

Lord Darmon and Berrick for being deputy teacher coordinators as well as doing a lot of carrying and general stuff;

Baron Lorcan and Baroness Scheherazade for being available wherever they were needed from being another set of hands in the kitchen to providing
transport in the search for the missing soup;

Lord Franz, Lady Drueta, and the Baronial entourage for the entertaining court;

Lord Geoffert, Seamus, Genvieve, Eric, Fiametta, and Juraj for many hours of setting-up, cleaning-up, parking lot guiding, being door wardens and porters and everything else;

Lady Judith and Lady Janette for running the newcomer/Gold Key table;

Lord Bryan for being on hand in case of an emergency;

and all others for assisting with carrying instruments and other stuff upstairs and in and out of the site and doing everything else that needed to be done!

Thanks so much!! Hope everyone’s knees and backs recover shortly! :-)

– Philly