Noisemakers II / King’s & Queen’s Bardic Championship

First, my heartfelt thanks to all who worked “Noisemakers” last weekend.

It was an outstanding accomplishment for the Bailiwick and Bhakail. Every where I turned I saw the populace and our friends pulling together to make
the day a huge success.

As for court? Well, below is a list of Bhakaili’s and friends who play or camp with us that were honored on Saturday –

Baronial Court –
Lady Rachel of Bhakail -– Harlequin
Branson the Elder called Bram -– Eft
Branson the Younder called Barone -– Eft

Royal Court –
Woolly of Bhakail -– Tyger’s Cub
Livia Petralia -– AoA
Seamus McKinley -– AoA
Aaron Peregrine of Ma’ale Giborim –- AoA
Wynstan – AoA
Nathan -– AoA
Appolonia – AoA
Brunissende -– Silver Crescent
Philadelphia Brown –- Court Baroness (To the great acclaim of all present.)
Shannon Gallowglass -– Order of the Pelican
Jaji –- Order of the Pelican

If I missed any of the populace, please sound off; it was a long day.