Skjoldehamn Hood sewing workshop – January 2016

Please join us for a 1-day workshop on making the Skjoldehamn Hood. This class will take place on Jan. 16, 2016, at noon. It will be in West Philly. Class address will be sent in a private email to those who register.

This hood, found in a grave in Northern Norway in the first half of the 20th century, shows a side of 11th-century Viking clothing that is practical, simple, economical, and sparsely elegant. We’ll be looking at two possible ways of constructing this hood, one strictly period, and one that introduces a couple of fairly unobtrusive flourishes and upgrades only possible post-period.

There will be sewing machines and cutting supplies on hand to actually sew the piece in the workshop. However, if you want to focus on pattern making so as to hand sew it after the workshop, that’s fine too!

Space is limited to 6 people max. If you are interested, please contact me to reserve a spot. To RSVP, please include your name and e-mail address. If you want more info or have any questions beyond what I give below about fabric needs, please drop me a note!

Happy winter solstice!

Ælfric FitzHugh



Please bring along the fabric you plan on using. The original is made of an unfelted plainweave wool. It was unlined. Period-appropriate materials would be plain weave or simple twill wools or linen. However, feel free to put the C in SCA. Do you want a light version for the spring/summer? Make it linen! Do you want it lined? Bring enough cloth for lining (I suggest a light linen). Prefer working in felted wool, or have some hanging about? It’ll work. The choice is yours.

How much cloth will you need?

Before addressing the idea of getting fresh cuts of fabric, it should be noted that this is a great project for using up larger scraps. Mine is pieced together from two squares 14×14” and a 16×54” strip left over from a cloak. The long strip could easily have been pieced itself. So if you want to wrangle your larger scraps and bring some rather than fresh cuts, that could work.

If you are bringing fresh cut fabric, here’s what you’ll need. If you can find 54” wide fabric, bring 1.25 yards; if you can only find 45” wide cloth, bring 2 yards. These measurements go for the lining as well. Bring thread to match!