Shakespeare Festival 2006


I’d like to publicly thank the SCAdians who were so wonderful at the demo at the Lea School on Friday, 6/2, during the school’’s annual Shakespeare Festival. These individuals spent the entire schoolday giving classes and demonstrations to 500 West Philadelphia elementary school students to help make them realize that learning about Shakespeare and the Renaissance is fun!

I’d also like to thank the fair Shire of Hartshorn-dale for the loan of the games.

Here are the generous, talented individuals and the classes they taught/demonstrated all day (in a building with no air-conditioning during Friday’s heat wave):

Medieval Armored Combat Demonstration
Lord Sterling della Rosa
Lady Saikhan Saran
Joe of Iron Bog

Renaissance Fencing Demonstration
Lady Katya Gordon
Lady Lissa Underhill
Madame Brunissende de Brocéliande

Master Rashid al-Gyanji

Renaissance Board Games
Lord Magnus Sigurdsson
Lady Janette Matiste

Making Chainmail
Lord Marcus Atheniou
Khavi bint Rozakii

Renaissance Dancing
Lady Areusa Salvadorez Gustioz
Lord Samuil Glukhoi

Making (and Sampling) 15th Century Gingerbread
Master Hodge (aka Master Huen Damebrigge)

Making Pomanders and the History of Nursery Rhymes
Lady Judith the Confused

Renaissance Music Demonstration
Master Arden of Icomb
Lady Grainne ni Cleirigh
Lady Siobhan ni Dhonnabhain
Lady Jannequinne Richardot
Lady Sabine Kerbriant de Lanvaux

Assistant Coordinator
Lord Geoffert of The Lone Oak


– Lady Philadelphia Brown