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Brandywine River Museum seeking medieval volunteers

If anyone is available on Sunday Dec 14th and/or Saturday December 20, The Brandywine River Museum is seeking extra volunteers to add color to their medieval program. This includes free admission to the museum (see the annual model trains and dollhouses exhibits! See the multi-story tree with ornaments made of natural materials! See the perennial Wyeth exhibits!). If interested, please contact Paul Hoerner of Heroic Knights of Old
Knights and Ladies in Training Family Program

Sunday, December 14, 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1 to 2:30 p.m.
Saturday, December 20, 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1 to 2:30 p.m.
Aspiring young knights and ladies are invited to complete a series of noble tasks. Design a family coat of arms, decorate a crown, learn sword fighting movements and follow clues on a quest throughout the museum. Participants will be honored in a knighting ceremony at the conclusion of the program. Designed for children accompanied by an adult. $6, members; $12 adults, $8 children; free for ages 2 and under, includes museum admission. Tickets limited; reserve online or by calling the museum shop at 610.388.8326.

Calendar of Events & Exhibits at the Brandywine River Museum of Art

Yours in Service to the Dream,

Help the East, Enjoy Beauty, and Enlighten Friends

Greetings all,

Would you like to help the East, enjoy the beautiful work of our kingdom’s artisans or share the unique aspects of the SCA with others? Want to explain what you do on your weekends to relatives? Show a friend why they should come to an event? Enjoy the beauty of your hobby in the middle of your work days? Order The Labours of The East, a 2015 calendar or note cards!

The calendar was created by the East’s scribes to support the Royal Travel Fund. Each month features a poem about an SCA activity with an illumination. The poetry is by Master Christian von Jaueregk. The magnificent scribal and calligraphic art is by Mistress Rhonwen glyn Conwy; Lady Lada Monguligin; Lady Sakura’i no Kesame; Mistress Eleanore MacCarthaigh; Mistress Ro Honig von Summerfeldt with Mistress Carolyne de laPointe; Mistress Eva Woderose; Lady Palotzi Marti; Baroness Emma Makilmone; Dona Camille des Jardins with Mistress Carolyne de la Pointe; Dona Isabel Chamberlaine; Mistress Khioniya Nikolaevna Ryseva;and Lady Lisabetta Medalia with Mistress Eleanor Catlyng.

Bhakail has sponsored the month of September which is about Brewing, with an illumination by Doña Camille des Jardins.

To see the artwork and order yours, go to


Wrightstown Demo – Sept 19-21


If anyone has been considering joining us for the Faire in a couple of weeks, it’ll be a great chance to practice your crafts and skills, show off your projects, fence (and hopefully fight), etc. We’re looking forward to hanging out with everyone after the Faire closes, too, with dinner provided, glow-in-the-dark bocce planned and – hopefully – music and dancing :)

Some of us will be going up Friday night for setup (and to kick off hanging out) and a number of us will be there both Saturday and Sunday. Overall, I expect we currently have about 30 SCAdians planning on participating (though not all camping and/or not all for both days) with about half being from the Barony.

I’ll be sending out an email with the code and link for discount tickets for anyone attending the for the weekend. Anyone *not* doing both Saturday and Sunday (whether camping or day-tripping both days) shouldn’t use the discount, as it’s not a savings on a one-day admission (and, in fact, carries a $1 surcharge for online processing), so it’s only a discount on two days.

So, if you’d like to come out for a day or two, camping or otherwise, please do :) We’ll have plenty of activities on both Saturday and Sunday and no one has to do any more than they want, with plenty of breaks and such :) Any and all participation is appreciated, whether as garbed scenery, behind-the-scenes support, simply sitting and showing something off in a display or actively teaching or leading activities…big and small, we need it all :)

In Service,
Mael Eoin

Rare Cooking – a project by UPenn’s rare books

“Cooking in the Archives: Updating Early Modern Recipes (1600-1800) in a Modern Kitchen” is a public food history project run by Alyssa Connell and Marissa Nicosia. Funding from a University of Pennsylvania GAPSA-Provost Fellowship for Interdisciplinary Innovation has enabled us to launch this project in June 2014. Follow our culinary and archival exploits at our blog and on twitter @rare_cooking

“Cooking in the Archives” sets out to find, cook, and discuss recipes from cookbooks produced between 1600 and 1800. This project is situated at the intersection between the practice of modern cooking and the history of early modern manuscript and printed recipe books. Penn’s Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts holds over 100 recipe books from the early modern era. We believe these recipes belong in the modern kitchen as well as the historical archive. After all, what are recipes if not instructions for cooking?”

These days the SCA is described as an organization focused on pre-17th century Europe. The exact dates and geographic boundaries do become subject to discussion and occasional change. So I’m going to point out this local blog even though the recipes they cook vary from a tiny step out of the time period we’re focusing on – to a huge leap forward into the eighteenth century.

As far as I can tell, the earliest recipe they have shared so far is for Chery Brandy

manuscript text reads: Chery brandy - to a gallone of Brandy one dossin of blake cheryes, pound the stons in a mortar to brake them put them into an earthin pot with the brandy stir them once a day for nine dayes stop them uery close. then straine it and squeise the chereys [a]s drey as you can, then bottle it.

(read more over at Rare Cooking)

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Canton Social tonight

Sorry for the late email, the day got away from me!

The social is tonight at Stage One 7-9:30.  Indoors we’ll have the kid’s sewing workshop, outside will be fighting!
Not a kid & not a fighter?  No worries, bring your projects and come hang out!
 – Zhelana

June business meeting



So here I am writing up the notice and agenda for the next business meeting (which falls on this Thursday 6/19), and I don’t have much business to cover other than officer reports.

For the July meeting (7/17), however, I’d like to focus on newcomers and any pre-Pennsic planning people would like.

Do any of you have pressing business you’d like to have covered in June, or shall we next meet in July?

– Livia Petralia

Canton Social – 6/10

Tonight’s Social will be at Stage One (101 Plush Mill Rd) starting at 7pm and going until 9:30pm. There will be NO fencing – it has been put on hiatus until further notice. Dance will return on the 4th Tuesday, our dance master is traveling today.

The business meeting is scheduled to begin at 8, Lord Muin will be running the meeting.

Please bring projects to share!

– Zhelana

Music at “Dining with Elizabeth”

Bonjour mes amis!

Since it somehow seems to be June already (how is this spring going by so quickly?!?), I’d like to start rounding up the folks interested in singing/playing music at the Dining With Elizabeth event in Hartshorn-dale on June 28. There are specific slots planned during the course of the afternoon for music, and I expect this will be both a very fun event and a fantastic venue for performance.

I have a couple of vocal pieces in mind — and if people have favorite madrigals, I’m happy to take all suggestions. We should have at least one or two practices prior to the event, which can happen at canton social on Tuesday nights, my house on Sundays, and/or elsewhere depending on who’s coming and what works.

Everyone who’d like to sing or play is welcome. Please write me off-list to let me know if you’re coming, what voice part (or instrument) you prefer, and whether you read sheet music or not. Thanks!


Judging A&S interest

Greetings Bhakaili’s!!

I have 2 teachers interested in coming to Bhakail to teach.

One is for bead making (a small class)

and one is for arrow making.

If you are interested in either one please contact me at


Wrightstown Faire, Sept 21-22


We’ve mentioned this at the past couple of business meetings and it’s been in The Salamander (note: PDF link), but we wanted to get the word out a bit more and see if we could pull in more participants. The Wrightstown Faire – an annual fundraiser for a library in the Shire of Buckland Cross – will be happening again this year, September 21st and 22nd. Ysmay and I had a wonderful time last year: the fencing and fighting demonstrations, the medieval games tent, the A&S tents where classes and demonstrations here held…

This year, we’ve been invited specifically to participate in a larger way, not just locally but the SCA’s participation as a whole is hoped to be bigger. We are not just invited to participate, though, but also to *camp*! We can set up on Friday and camp through Sunday; during the day, of course, the focus is on the public event, but after hours, we’re welcome to stay and camp. We can have as much space as we need, especially if we are offering activities, classes, entertainments, etc. and *especially* if we’re catering to younger audiences. Merchants are also welcome, but should coordinate with the organizer as he wants to make sure that there’s no conflict in offerings, etc.

We’ll be looking to set up tournaments of some sort, to encourage fighting and fencing, so we encourage all fighters and fencers to consider participating for service and glory. Spending some extra time to explain arms and armor – whether SCA or historic – would be *greatly* appreciated. A&S should also be well-represented; anything that could be interactive would be excellent, but anything we can show and talk on would be appreciated, as well.

For those who participate, whether you wish to camp or not, dinner will be provided following the close of the site on Saturday as well as Friday night (for setup and/or just hanging out) and Sunday we’ll see whether lunch or dinner makes more sense, if everyone will be more interested in tearing down than staying late following the close of the Faire.

Depending on what we can offer as participation, we can command as much space as we need, up to and including a choice spot in front of the main entrance, if we’re appealing enough ;)

We encourage all to consider participating, as much or as little as possible, for service to a worthy charity and to the SCA in doing this. Anyone wishing to participate – especially with demonstrations, classes, fighting, fencing and the like – please reach out to me, Mael Eoin, as soon as possible. Even if you’re not comfortable with the public, please consider participating; we can have someone else help with interacting with the public :) (Such as myself: I can do little by way of A&S but I can talk up a crowd.)

For any and all who choose to participate, we thank you in advance!

In Service,
Mael Eoin mac Echuid & Ysmay de Lynn
Baron & Baroness of Bhakail

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regional Melee practice

Greeting to all…
So as we find ourselves in the midst of a beautiful Friday afternoon, I will bet some of you are mentally making plans for the weekend. Well, I would ask if you would stop and use the “force” as this Sunday there will be much fun to have at our Iron Bogs practice.
This Sunday there will be heavy fighting –with the focus on melee. There will be an impromptu fencing practice. Since this is the First Sunday of the month there should be archery practice. But wait there is more – There will be a small competition. This competition will be with cooks fighting for the position of head cook for River War which will be held on the weekend of September 12 -14th. The cooks will display their menus and will have small bits of the feast to try.
So grab your gear, grab your friend, heck grab your friends gear but either way here is something to do on Sunday May 4th from 1:30- 4:30 at the Dominique Johnson Recreation Center.


100 Scrapetown Road
Pemberton, NJ 08068
(* across from Harvard Rd.*)

From the south: take 295 to exit 40A (RT 38). Take Rt 38 for a long time (12.5 miles). You will pass over RT 206. After going over Rt 206 the second light is Magnolia Rd (RT 644), turn right onto it. You will be on that for about .2 miles then will make a right hand turn onto Scrapetown Rd. Fighter practice is about .5 mile down on the left it is the West end park in the big green building, the Dominique Johnson Recreation Center across from Harvard Rd.
From the North: make your way to RT 206. At that light turn towards the Wawa depending on the direction you are coming from. Then follow directions from above starting at “going over RT 206”.
From RT 70: make your way to the RT 70/72 roundabout (circle) then take RT 644 (Magnolia Rd) till you are almost to RT 38. You will make a left hand turn onto Scrapetown Rd West End Park.

– Sterling dela Rosa

The Newest Ars Scientia Orientalis

The Newest Ars Scientia Orientalis, the quarterly Arts & Sciences publication of the East is now online!

Cooking from Medieval Recipes, a Very Simple Introduction by Mistress Brunissende Dragonette
Music-Dramas in the Medieval Church by Mistress Alys Mackyntoich
Observations on an Elizabethan Blackwork Smock by Countess Ianthé d’Averoigne
Insights Into the Use of Astrology In the European Middle Ages by Xanthippe Ouranina
Period vs. Periodesque: Considerations for Creating Arts and Science Projects by Baroness Rainillt de Bello Marisco
Philosophies of Recreation by Lady Elizabeth Underhill
Praise of the East: Seasons by Mistress Dorigen of the Gray Gate


– Annetje